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Read Across America Day: Resources for Teachers and Kids

Read Across America Day: Resources for Teachers and Kids

Every year, March 2nd is Read Across America Day: a day to celebrate reading. This is a great opportunity to come together, take some time out, and share our love of stories and books with one another. There are some great teachers resources that can help you plan your Read Across America Day festivities and inspire great reading ideas throughout the year.

National Education Association has several pages on its website about Read Across America Day. The ink “Plan a Reading Event” gives you a list of ways to plan an event as well as public relation tools. There is also a link to a Word doc with fun activities for the classroom, as well as links to Skype an Author Network and Google Lit Trips. “Resources to get Reading” offers tools for parents and families to inspire students to read, as well as book lists for families and teachers.

Read Across America’s website is not so much for teachers as for kids. It provides a great way for them to get involved and connect with other kids who are celebrating the occasion. They can watch videos, post pictures, pledge that they will take part in this special day, and share how they’ll be doing so. There is even a map on the website which shows where kids will be participating so a child can sign up and then watch the numbers on the map go up by one.

Read Across America is celebrated on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so Dr.Seuss and his influence feature prominently on this day. You can download the NEA’s activity booklet to celebrate this innovative author. This wonderful, colorful informational resource has a lot of information about Dr. Seuss and his life as well as activities and books. is an absolutely captivating website. It is virtually impossible to visit this site and not get sucked in for way more than you came for. For the purposes of Read Across America Day, you can go to the link for educators and click on March to get information. On the left, there’s a link that takes you to printable activities, more activities, and events.

While all of the online resources are great tools, there are also more traditional ways to get students reading. A classic way to celebrate Read Across America Day is with a reading marathon. Tell students to bring in a few of their favorite books, wear comfortable clothing (some schools even invite students to wear their pajamas), and get ready for a whole day of reading fun.

Read Across America Day is an opportunity to show students how fun and exciting it can be to dive into books. With the inspiration of Dr. Seuss and some creative planning, you can encourage children to explore the wonderful world of reading. Every school can combine some of these great online resources with original ideas to create enticing and interesting events for children of all ages.

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