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Modern Classroom Seating: Wobble Chairs

Wobble chairs keep students focused in class

Looking for a way to help your students channel their energy into learning? Wobble chairs might just be the answer to your prayers. The days of children sitting still on hard classroom chairs are long gone. Today’s teachers need a classroom furniture solution which allows students to move around throughout lessons without disrupting class.

It is unrealistic to expect kids to sit quietly through a whole lesson without moving. Movement is actually good for kids because it keeps them engaged and alert. Rather than fidgeting in their seats, students can move in non-disruptive ways while remaining seated in wobble chairs. A curved bottom stimulates constant movement to maintain balance. By subtly moving feet and hips, students are releasing energy as they listen to the teacher or work quietly at their desks.

Wobble stools don’t just help you release energy, they are also ergonomic. The design encourages children to keep their knees, hips and backs in a healthy position. Rather than slouching down or leaning back in hard school chairs, wobble stools require kids to maintain proper positioning in order to keep the seating balanced. If a child starts to lean or slouch in any direction, the stool will lean as well, thus encouraging them to correct posture in order to return the stool to the upright position.

In addition to being a practical choice promoting health and focus, wobble chairs also offer a unique visual appeal. With a variety of vibrant colors, you can coordinate with an existing color scheme or use stools to add lots of new hues to your learning space. The cool contoured design also has a decidedly modern look which will fit well with the contemporary aesthetic of your learning space.

Wobble chairs aren’t just for kids, they come in every size from toddler to teen to adult. With the right seat heights for students of any age, kids can enjoy them from preschool all the way through university. You might even want to consider getting some wobble stools so teachers can appreciate all of the benefits themselves as well.

When it comes to supportive contemporary seating, wobble chairs can fit well in a variety of spaces. In addition to helping students stay focused during lessons, they also offer a great seating option for studying in the library. They also make your information commons or teen lounge area vibrant and inviting. While there are many options for you to choose from in modern classroom seating, wobble chairs offer a unique combination of spunk and support that are sure to set your space apart.

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