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Princeton High School

Princeton High School (PHS) is a four-year comprehensive public high school in the Borough of Princeton, New Jersey. It is widely noted for its high academic standards and top-level arts programs, and consistently ranks within the top three public secondary schools in the state of New Jersey.

The Challenge

As part of Princeton High School’s renovation project, the school wanted to refurbish an old, wood auditorium of architectural significance into a two-level library. The auditorium had to be architecturally refurbished before any furniture could be brought in; however, there was not enough time to wait for the renovations to be completed before ordering all the necessary items. The architect drew up a furniture plan based on calculations of the size of the structure once the renovations would be completed. Hertz Furniture had to meet the challenge of ordering furniture based on an architect’s design of a room that essentially did not yet exist. In addition, as renovations were still in full swing, there was no way for the school to safely store the new furniture as the entire area had been transformed into a construction site.

A second challenge arose once the erstwhile auditorium had already undergone most of the architectural renovations. Hertz Furniture’s on-site project manager re-measured the area and discovered that the actual height and location of various windows and electrical outlets differed significantly from the plan. The result was that much of the already-ordered, manufactured and ready-to-ship furniture would not be able to fit in the intended space.

The Solution

Hertz Furniture’s sales representative reviewed the architectural plans and furniture designs carefully. He met with Princeton High School to determine the school’s specific needs and requirements for the new library. A furniture plan was drafted, and the furniture dimensions were scrutinized to ensure that they did indeed fit with the architectural plans. The furniture was then ordered from the various vendors and stored by them at Hertz Furniture’s special request, solving the school’s storage difficulties.

As soon as the sales representative heard the project manager’s report, immediate action was taken. All the vendors were contacted, and the Hertz representative was able to use the company’s leverage to completely change the orders — much of them custom-designed — at no extra cost to the high school. New orders were placed according to the current, correct area measurements and delivered to the Hertz Furniture East Coast warehouse for consolidation.

The Outcome

The Hertz installation team installed the furniture and Princeton’s new, state-of-the-art library opened to the delight and satisfaction of staff, students and parent body alike.