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Endurance Series Carpets
Endurance Series Carpets

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Endurance Series Carpets

A carpet that is designed for institutional use should be both attractive as well as able to withstand harsh chemicals like bleach that are used for cleaning and sanitizing. The Endurance series of carpets is just that. It includes a variety of sizes and colors, and it is also made to rigid specifications to ensure durability and long life. Endurance carpets are all backed by a variety of warranties that ensure that your carpets will last for years looking like new.

These indoor carpets are made from a high-density fiber count. They will brighten any room and also help provide insulation. Whether you need to carpet a classroom or office complex, endurance series carpets are the high-quality, soft-feel, affordable choice.


  • Appearance: Flexible backing resists wrinkling and lies flat.
  • Quality: Lifetime Impervion® Stain Protection, and Lifetime Impervion® Antimicrobial Protection.
  • Density: High-fiber density.
  • Fire-Resistance: Class I flammability rating.
  • Stain Resistant: Manufactured with WearOn® Carpet Technology, treated with StainSmart® triple-action protectant and Impervion® antimicrobial technology for long-lasting stain resistance and protection from microorganisms.
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