ECR4Kids Bentwood Preschool Tables and Chairs, Classroom Tables

ECR4Kids Bentwood Preschool Tables and Chairs

Sizes and colors may vary; see products for details.

ECR4Kids Bentwood Preschool Tables and Chairs

Liven up your classroom with the natural wood hue and curved style of Bentwood Activity Tables and Chairs. The visual appeal of this collection is complemented by its smart design. Constructed from durable multi-ply birch, with curved edges to prevent injury, this daycare furniture is built for maximum safety. Mix and match Bentwood activity tables and chairs in different heights and shapes to best suit your preschool or daycare.


  • Safe: Curved edges promote safety and prevent snags on clothing.
  • Durable: Birch plywood is tough enough for everyday classroom use.
  • Wide Selection: A variety of shapes and heights enables you to find the style that is right for you.
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