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Umbrella Stands

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Umbrella Stands

With an attractive, conveniently-located umbrella stand, your work space can stay dry, even on a rainy day. When employees, clients, students or congregants come in out of the rain, where are those dripping umbrellas going to go? Placing a sleek umbrella holder in your lobby, waiting room or entryway, saves everyone the hassle of carrying around wet umbrellas, eliminating slippery floors and soggy carpets. Umbrella holders are designed to keep your lobby neat. Their bases include water trays so there won’t be any puddles underneath. Our posh, professional umbrella stands provide the function you need with a classic style that fits any decor. Their elegant metallic colors and sleek designs will blend in seamlessly in any professional environment.


  • Rust Free: Rust-proof aluminum looks great for many years, even when it comes in constant contact with water.
  • Clean Design: Water trays collect drops to prevent puddles, slipping hazards and soggy carpets.
  • Versatile: These umbrella holders are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Great Selection: Available in a number of sizes, styles and finishes so you can find the perfect choice.
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