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Commons Area Furniture
Commons Area Furniture
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How do you choose furniture for a commons area? You want to give your students as much flexibility as possible, while taking into account the constraints of the space. Soft seating has become a hallmark of commons areas, but cafe tables with matching stools are also a nice piece to include. Choose as many options as possible, without crowding the space, and while keeping a uniform aesthetic.

No matter which direction you go in, you want to make sure that the commons area furniture you choose is harmonious and comfortable. Comfort isn’t just derived from great soft seating, it can also come from choosing just the right collaboration tables that fit perfectly with the classroom chairs. The better job you do of creating an inviting space, the more popular the space will be.

What is the purpose of a commons area? Does my school really need one?

Commons areas are essential for any school that wants to stay relevant to the modern student. The idea is to create places where students can sit and relax, and also work and collaborate. You can choose to have one large commons area which serves both of these purposes, or have different designated spaces for each of these uses. The furniture you choose will ultimately determine what purpose the space serves.

For a relaxed commons area, choose some vibrant, cushy soft seating in modular shapes. This will allow students to set up the space the way they want, based on how many people they want to be sitting with. Active seating with some cafe tables can also encourage healthy movement, and allow students to relax and get out energy at the same time. If you want the space to be more of a group study area, or even a place to have a snack, you can create a cool combination of bar stools and cafe tables, or choose some classroom seating and collaborative tables.

What is the best type of soft seating for a commons area?

There are many options you might want to consider, but comfortable, inviting soft seating is a great place to start. Even if you just have an open space with some comfy and flexible seating options, your students will probably gravitate toward that area at every available opportunity. Choosing designs that are flexible is ideal, because it allows students to make their own choices about how they want to sit. For maximum flexibility, you can get models that are on casters, so they will glide effortlessly into any configuration.

What belongs in a 21st century commons area?

Of course, you don’t need to settle for just the basics, and not all furniture is created equal. If you want your commons area to be truly suited to your 21st century learners, it should include plenty of places to charge devices. There are lots of cool seating options and tables which include built-in power sources, which would make a much-appreciated addition to any place where students are hanging out. If the built-in option doesn’t suit you, there are also freestanding charging stations that could be another great choice.

The commons area should be a space where students will choose to spend their time. They can use it to relax in between classes or during a free period, or to collaborate on projects and complete assignments. The bottom line is that this space should be vibrant, comfortable, and flexible. If you have all of those elements in place, it is bound to become a fast favorite in your school.

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