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Indoor USA and State Flags
Indoor USA and State Flags

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Indoor USA and State Flags

When hosting formal events such as graduations, conferences and assemblies, having an elegant state flag displayed proudly at the front of the room will give the whole occasion a more official feel. A golden fringe frames the flag design and draws extra attention to it. While USA state flags alone are quite attractive, a few extra graceful touches make them even more appealing.

These US state flags are designed to display your state pride for many years to come. They are made of low-maintenance nylon which dries nicely and maintains its color for the long term. A user-friendly pole hem makes it easy to set up for events. The flag slides right onto your flag pole for quick setup and right back off again when it’s time to put it away.


  • State Pride: State flags encourage state pride and an appreciation for history.
  • Durable Materials: Nylon retains color well, flies nicely in a light breeze, dries well and is easily cleaned.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: A gold fringe around the flag complements the design and brings out the colors.
  • Easy Arrangement: A pole hem makes it easy to slide your flag on and off of a flagpole.
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