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GeoCube Recycling Containers
GeoCube Recycling Containers

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GeoCube Recycling Containers

Going green takes on a whole new look with GeoCube recycling containers from Witt Industries. They provide the perfect combination of aesthetics, durability and convenient features.

The GeoCube series features a cube shape that adds a great look to any educational or corporate setting. Heavy gauge steel construction is made to withstand constant daily use and is fireproof for enhanced safety. Customized lid options with matching decals make sorting and servicing a cinch. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, GeoCube recycling containers help you promote green awareness in style.


  • Great New Look: The cube shape of this GeoCube recycling container gives it a great new look that adds a fun twist to any school or office décor.
  • Space-Efficient: Compact design saves on floor space, letting you maximize your floor plan as much as possible.
  • Customized Options: The GeoCube recycle container lets you choose one of three tops - round, slot, or square - so you can tailor your purchase to your individual needs, and even mix and match within the series.
  • Matching Decals: Each lid includes one each of the following decals:
    Round: "Cans" and "Bottles"
    Slot: "Paper" and "Newspaper"
    Square: "Waste" and "Plastic"
  • Highly Durable: Heavy-gauge steel construction is highly durable and built to withstand constant daily use.
  • Extra Safe: Each GeoCube can is completely fire-safe, for extra security and safety.
  • No-Slip Bags: Built-in bag holder holds trash bags securely in place.
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