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Childrens Cube Furniture
Childrens Cube Furniture

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Childrens Cube Furniture

Incredible versatile cubes can be used as seats, tables, or desks. The perfect item for a busy daycare or pre-school program, cube chairs can spark children's imaginations. Bright red, blue, green, or yellow cubes can be used to build or play or sit, depending on the current activity.

Creative cubes facilitate hours of worry-free play. They are made from non-toxic plastic with rounded corners so children won't get hurt. Lightweight construction enables children to configure cubes independently.

Cubes are designed with safety as a priority. The hard plastic will last for many years of heavy use. Whether it's learning time or play time, children's cube furniture is great for preschool and daycare centers.


  • Fosters Creativity: Cubes can be used as chairs, tables, desks, or building blocks. Light enough for children to move around.
  • Colorful: Cubes come in vibrant colors, red, blue, green, or yellow.
  • Safe: Made of non-toxic plastic, no sharp angles or rough edges.
  • Durable: Hard plastic is easy to clean and will last for many years. Great for indoor and outdoor use.
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