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IDEA Island Makerspace Tables by CEF

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IDEA Island Makerspace Tables by CEF

Push the limits with the IDEA Island Makerspace Table by CEF. This is the perfect venue for collaboration and teamwork. The solid maple, butcher block work surface can host every step of the design process from planning, to construction, to completion. The combination of industrial design with the beauty of natural wood provides the strength and inspiration your students need to take their ideas to the next level. This flexible makerspace table lets your students create in any room. Heavy-duty 5" casters and built-in cable management allow you to enjoy a clear work space, wherever and whenever you need it. Optional addition of 6 or 8 vibrant stools, with magnetic storage under the surface, maximizes space, function and aesthetic appeal. ADA Compliant.


  • Tough Surface: The solid maple, butcher block work surface can support your most grueling projects.
  • Clear Workspace: Built in cable management keeps the clutter out of your work area.
  • Smooth Rolling: Heavy-duty 5" casters glide your table into position.
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