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Where can you get a chair for the executive office? Company presidents, school principals and firm partners alike will love our luxurious selection of executive office chairs. Unlike basic task chairs, they feature high backs, stately detailing and dignified profiles. When you want to project knowledge, expertise and professionalism, you need an executive desk chair.

Hertz Furniture's wide selection of manager chairs includes both classic and contemporary models, which can be coordinated with any office decor. No matter what your budget is, you can find some great options that are worthy of hard-working executives.

What is the difference between a regular office chair and an executive chair?

CEOs and managers typically spend many hours at the office ensuring that their companies run smoothly. Anyone who works at a desk for most of the day needs a supportive chair that will enable them to work efficiently without the distraction of pain or discomfort. While a regular office chair offers basic support, a cushy executive chair provides the enhanced support and aesthetic appeal that is worthy of a successful lawyer, accountant or financial planner.

When a high-profile client or potential business partner enters the executive suite, they need to feel that the company they are working with is worthy of their business. A first impression can often be what makes or breaks a deal, so having respectable furnishings is extremely important. An imposing office chair will frame the person who is seated in it, giving an impression of reliability and expertise.

What kind of manager chair should I get?

Managers chairs come in a variety of materials. All of the options have their advantages. Ultimately the right choice depends on what you want. Leather executive chairs have a classic elegance that is befitting an established business setting. If you firm is part of the high-tech or social media industry, you might prefer a more contemporary mesh office chair. There are also models with fabric upholstery in a huge selection of hues and patterns that can be coordinated with office colors.

Different materials don't just create a certain look, they also impact the feel of office furniture. Mesh backs provide great airflow, but some people might still prefer a padded backrest. While many like the look of leather, others prefer fabric upholstery that is soft to the touch. When choosing the ideal chair model it is also important to pay attention to the cushion thickness.

When an executive is in the middle of a conference call and needs to retrieve a document from a file drawer on the other side of the desk, it can be distracting and noisy if he has to get up. Executive chairs are supported by five-star swivel bases with casters. With this convenient arrangement, one can simply swivel or slide over to the side of the desk to retrieve the necessary file.

How can I make sure my executive office chair is ergonomic?

In recent years, many have started to pay attention to the importance of ergonomics. The more hours a day people spend working at desks, especially if they are on computers, the higher risks they have of developing serious back, hand, wrist and shoulder problems. To avoid potentially painful complications that often result in a need for doctor visits and sick days, invest in one of our sleek ergonomic office chairs.

With the right support and positioning, professionals can ensure that they are comfortable and healthy at work. Our executive desk chairs include a selection of adjustable features such as seat height, seat angle, tilt tension and armrest width and height. Adjustability is critical because it creates a perfect fit for workers of any body type.

Once the ideal combination of features and materials has been determined, styling must be considered before making a final choice. Classic button-tufted high back executive chairs from Better Built Quality have an old world charm that is befitting a highly-experienced and established company. Sleek contemporary-style mesh chairs will fit a startup with a fresh, new approach.

When furnishing an executive office, don't forget to include at least one appropriately-styled guest chair. This should be coordinated with the executive chair and other office furniture to enhance the visual appeal of the space. It is important to make sure that guests can sit comfortably during personal meetings and small strategy-planning sessions, so they will feel valued as clients or employees.

At Hertz Furniture, we know what a tremendous impact office furniture can have on the overall environment and success of a company. Our executive office chairs come from high-quality manufacturers including OFM, Offices To Go, High Point, Office Star and HON. They are sure to enhance any work space by adding comfort, support and appealing style.

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