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Plastic Wicker Preschool Storage Baskets by Wood Designs

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Plastic Wicker Preschool Storage Baskets by Wood Designs

Plastic Wicker Preschool Storage Baskets make it easy to keep your early-childhood classroom organized. They fit perfectly with various types of cubby storage, offering an ideal way to store games, toys and classroom supplies. Built-in handles make it easy for little ones to slide plastic wicker baskets out of cubbies to access supplies, and glide them right back in.

Plastic wicker storage baskets are ideal for educational settings. They combine the natural aesthetic of classic wicker with the durability of plastic. A woven metal frame with resin coating is incredibly easy to clean. These baskets won’t get bent out of shape even after many years of classroom use. Their subtle hue will look great with natural wood shelving or color-accented preschool storage.


  • Versatile Storage: Fits into various cubby storage units, perfect for toys, games and other classroom supplies.
  • Low Maintenance: Plastic wicker is easy to clean, looking as good as new after a simple wash.
  • Tough Material: Metal frame creates a sturdy basket that is perfect for classroom use.
  • Natural Appeal: Tan hue gives baskets the natural coloring of classic wicker.
  • Easy Access: Built-in handles make it easy to remove baskets from shelves and replace them.
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