Computer Room Furniture Donated to New Charter School by Hertz Furniture

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Computer Room Furniture Donated to New Charter School by Hertz Furniture

Aug 05, 2008

Computer Room Furniture Donated to New Charter School by Hertz Furniture

Mahwah, NJ August 5, 2008 - A classroom full of new computer room furniture was presented to the Algiers Technology Academy of New Orleans by Mr. David Mocton, Vice President of Sales at Hertz Furniture, at the conclusion of the 8th Annual National Charter Schools Conference held recently in New Orleans. 

The computer furniture, which was provided by Hertz for attendee use during the conference, includes computer tables and rolling computer chairs for 24 users. Mr. Mocton explained, "We brought the computer lab furniture to New Orleans with the intention of finding a worthy recipient to give it to at the end of the conference. With a student body of almost 300, the Algiers Technology Academy, which has just completed its first year of operation, is the perfect choice."

The computer room furniture was accepted by Algiers’ Principal, Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr., who said, "I want to express our appreciation for the donation of computer room furniture from Hertz Furniture. It is with the support of people from outside sources, including your company, that we are able to offer our students increasing resources. Your contribution to our school means a lot to all of us, and we cannot thank you enough."

Also present at the time of the presentation was Algiers Assistant Principal, Ms. Pamela Marshall, who explained the significance of the Hertz Furniture gift this way, "This is a great opportunity for us to create a space for our students to have access to computers outside of a direct in-class application. This space will provide our students, who might not otherwise have access to a computer, to do research, create documents and plan their work. The educational goal of ATA is to prepare its students for the 21st century educational and employment opportunities by way of advanced experience with the ever-evolving technologies that are prevalent in our society."

The donated computer room furniture included Adjustable-Height T-Leg Computer Tables and Chairs - perfect for high school students and adults - from Hertz Furniture’s new line entitled appropriately enough: Inspiration.

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