Hertz Furniture Offers School Furniture for Larger and Taller Students

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Hertz Furniture Offers School Furniture for Larger and Taller Students

Mar 19, 2012

Hertz Furniture Offers School Furniture for Larger and Taller Students

Top Furniture Supplier Caters to the Changing Shape of Students

Mahwah, NJ (March 19, 2012) –HertzFurniture, leading office and school furniture supplier, has been selling furniture to accommodate larger and taller students for over three years--including larger chairs to accommodate students up to 350 pounds. In response to requests from school personnel, the company is now placing more emphasis on furniture for these students and is expanding this line of furniture.

Recently, CNN aired a series focusing on the issues surrounding childhood obesity, which Madison Park, creator of the series, says has tripled in recent years. The February 15th article concentrated on the impact of childhood obesity in the classroom--especially as it relates to classroom furniture. Park says, “As children are getting bigger, their clothing, their furniture and other objects that support their weight must also expand.”

Hertz Furniture recently added a notable section to its website, making it easy to locate the furniture for larger children. The Grande Furniture collection includes many items to make learning more comfortable for taller and heavier children. Adjustable desks, such as the TL Table, is included in the collection. The versatile desk offers height-adjustable legs, and the “comfort leg,” for less table leg interference. The pedestal bases of the desk are designed for extra stability. Most of Hertz’s desks are height adjustable and all will accommodate wider chairs, such as the eco-friendly, green-certified Inspiration chairs. These ergonomically designed chairs offer excellent support.

The changing size of students requires that school furniture dimensions change, as well. Hertz Furniture consults with school personnel to decide what is necessary to meet the needs of their students. Says Saul Wagner, president of Hertz Furniture, “We take our cues from the industry and from school personnel. Students need to be comfortable to learn. If a student is concerned about fitting into a desk and getting out of it, he or she is just not going to be able to focus on academics. Teenagers, especially, are self-conscious about their bodies, and we see helping these kids relax by providing adequate seating and desks as a vital part of what we do.”

About Hertz Furniture:

For over 45 years Hertz Furniture has supplied schools, religious institutions, businesses and government offices with top quality commercial furniture and superior customer service. Speedy Quotes, Quick Ship products, a wide selection of Eco-Friendly furniture, a free Project Planning and Design service and the best warranties in the industry are just a few of the ways that Hertz Furniture provides added value to its customers. For additional information on Hertz Furniture and its extensive line of products, please visit Hertz Furniture, speak to a furniture specialist at 888-793-4999, or send an email to Jonathan Yunger.

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