School Furniture Financing Program from Hertz Furniture Makes Life Easier for Schools

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School Furniture Financing Program from Hertz Furniture Makes Life Easier for Schools

Jan 15, 2009

School Furniture Financing Program from Hertz Furniture Makes Life Easier for Schools

In these uncertain economic times, many private and charter schools are putting off replacing old, worn school furniture because of a lack of sufficient funds. The harsh reality in these schools, is that the practical needs of students and teachers are being neglected in favor of other priorities. 

According to Saul Wagner, president of Hertz Furniture and an advisor on educational ergonomics, well-designed furniture and the optimal arrangement of the classroom are indispensable components of any educational environment. Mr. Wagner explains, "Studies have repeatedly shown that a well-furnished, well-organized environment boosts morale and increases productivity. We want schools to continue to fulfill the incredibly important work that they do without having to worry about how they will afford to replace classroom chairs and desks."

Hertz Furniture’s financing program specializes in leases and loans to schools, educational organizations, religious institutions, and PTAs, PTOs and similar organizations that are working overtime to help fund programs and equipment for schools. Hertz Furniture works closely with each customer to customize a comfortable, realistic payment structure. The payment plan is not a lease; at the end of the term the institution keeps the furniture. Through Hertz Furniture’s financing program organizations are able to preserve their lines of credit and conserve their working capital. "With both our financing program and the Hertz Guarantee to rely on," added Saul Wagner, "we’ve made it easier than ever for schools to be able to get the furniture they need, when they need it."

While financial pundits are claiming that easy credit is a thing of the past, Hertz Furniture is striving to maintain its unparalleled standards of customer support by ensuring that schools and other institutions don’t forgo their right to a well organized, well-furnished environment.

About Hertz Furniture:

For over 45 years Hertz Furniture has supplied schools, religious institutions, businesses and government offices with top quality commercial furniture and superior customer service. Speedy Quotes, Quick Ship products, a wide selection of Eco-Friendly furniture, a free Project Planning and Design service and the best warranties in the industry are just a few of the ways that Hertz Furniture provides added value to its customers. For additional information on Hertz Furniture and its extensive line of products, please visit Hertz Furniture, speak to a furniture specialist at 888-793-4999, or send an email to Jonathan Yunger.

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