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UV Disinfecting Tech Tubs by Copernicus
UV Disinfecting Tech Tubs by Copernicus

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UV Disinfecting Tech Tubs by Copernicus


  • Fast Disinfecting: Blue tub takes one minute to disinfect one device, including laptop screens and keyboards, from bacteria and viruses with 360 degrees of UV irradiance and highly reflective polished aluminum chamber.
  • Safe: Blue tub’s fully enclosed disinfection chambers, safety switches, and no UVC exposure make these safe for elementary classrooms.
  • Effective: Large chamber of blue tub can disinfect open Chromebooks, VR headsets, headphones, robotics, and other common classroom items, both high-tech and low-tech.
  • Secure: UV bulbs turn on only when the door is closed securely and Start button is pushed. Lights on door indicate disinfection status, and UVC filtering window allows you to check if bulbs are working.
  • Long Lasting: Bulbs are rated for 11,000 hours and are easy to replace. Bulbs are enclosed in shatterproof sleeves to prevent glass and gases from escaping if a bulb is broken.
  • Testable: Includes 12 medical grade disometer testing cards to check effective germicidal level of UVC (monthly checks are recommended).
  • Versatile: Tubs clip directly into Tech Tub trolleys for mobility or mount securely to a surface with included hardware.
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