Flipped Classrooms: Educational Revolution or Unrealistic Mistake?



Hertz Furniture¬†video blogger Mor Rossler discusses the flipped classroom. This style of teaching reverses the order in which learning and lessons are shaped. Watch the video and leave a comment with your thoughts. What’s your experience with flipped classrooms? Do you think this is an effective teaching style?



2 Responses to Flipped Classrooms: Educational Revolution or Unrealistic Mistake?

  1. Greg Walker says:

    I have been running a Flipped classroom for three years now. The results are irreplaceable. I will not go back to the Industrial Age of instruction!
    1. Student accountability improves
    2. Involved parents love it and become more involved (my Supt. watches with his student)
    3. Retention of material improves and connection to the real world is more prevalent
    4. Students without internet get a cd of my “vodcast” to take home with a hard copy of the post lecture questions (video podcast)
    5. Students without a computer are given time during the day to watch the vodcast and complete the form
    5. Can is get some free furniture for my class? I would love a teacher station that allows me to stand and work on my computer!!!!!

    • Mor says:

      Thank you for your great response!
      It seems as though despite challenges, you have really managed to make your flipped classroom work and have been quite successful. I hope that the teachers who are looking for this innovative change will follow your lead.

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