Hertz Furniture CEO Appears on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act


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Hertz Furniture CEO Saul Wagner, an authority on educational ergonomics and classroom design, and John Musso, Executive Director of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) appeared on Lifetime Television’s popular morning show, The Balancing Act on January 17th.

The episode, “What Defines a Well-Designed Classroom,” focused on the impact that classroom furniture has on the learning environment.  Mr. Wagner and Mr. Musso addressed the importance of choosing the right school furniture to enhance learning. Mr. Wagner said, “Our children spend eight hours each day in the classroom.  If children are comfortable, they will learn better in that classroom.”

The pair spoke with the program’s host, Danielle Knox, about how good behavior and optimum learning depend to a great extent on the physical environment. They spoke of the importance of determining how a particular classroom will be used, as well as the style of teaching that will be used when deciding on the school furniture to purchase. Viewers had an opportunity to visit several schools to see how innovative school furniture can change the learning environment.

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