Video: The Importance of Music and Arts Education


Join Hertz Furniture in welcoming educational video blogger, Mor Rossler, to the School Matters team by watching her video blog post on the importance of Music and Arts Education in today’s curriculum. ┬áMusic and arts education are the first to be subject to budget cuts but many educators are contesting these cuts and have quite a bit of research to back them up! Watch the video and learn just why music and arts education is so important to our students.

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  1. Steve Dell says:

    Hi! from one of your musicians, and music educators.
    TO: Mor Rossler
    FROM: Steve Dell
    RE: I would love to recieve a printed out, of your video (schools management team)

    Hi! Mor Rossler
    I loved to hear your video however it would be even greater, to recieve your video printed out for future reference.

  2. Darcy Hill says:

    I couldn’t possibly agree with this more. Although I speak from a biased perspective as an elementary creative drama teacher with thirty years of classroom experience utilizing arts integration to enhance curriculum and meaningful learning, everything I read and understand about multiple intelligences, learning styles, multi-modality instruction, and higher order thinking points to the conclusions found in the above video.

    • Mor says:

      Thank you for your comment. You really hit the nail on the head here . The Arts reach to all population of learners. Students with different strengths, struggles, and challenges can benefit from what the arts provide.

  3. Dean C. says:

    As a Principal I am in total agreement that Music an Arts education is vital for our students. The creativity and thinking skills produced is actually unmatched in other areas. I wish the powers that be would recognize the true importance of the arts.

    • Mor says:

      Thank you for comment. It is comforting to hear that principals and teachers alike share the desire to keep Music and Arts education alive. When faced with the unfortunate decision to cut a program due to budget cuts, we can work together to figure out how to keep these programs running.

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