Video: Learning A Second Language

Learning a Second Language


Video blogger Mor Rossler discusses the benefits and consequences of learning a second language. Learning a second language is not nationally mandated but many elementary and high schools require it.

Is there value in acquiring a second language? Learning a second language helps with listening and memory skills as well as to hold a firm grasp on their first language acquired. On the other hand, it may be nice to know  a second language but should we spend our time and money on extras when we could be investing in core subjects that are required for our students to get into college?


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Learning a Second Language

2 Responses to Video: Learning A Second Language

  1. Cuimris says:

    Why is there even this debate when almost every other country on Earth requires learning a second or even third language at school? I can’t imagine how awful the world of monolinguals must be … .

    • Mor says:

      Thank you for comment! The debate isn’t whether learning a second language is beneficial, it is whether we should be using our resources for it. One of the benefits mentioned is that it allows the students to be more culturally sensitive and understanding a bigger world around them. Based on your comment, I’d imagine you would agree!

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