Student Wins Gold Medal Using Hertz Furniture Products in Design Plan!

Design Plan Using Hertz Furniture Products

Design Plan Using Hertz Furniture ProductsIn an outstanding display of innovative and inspired teaching, Kay-Lynne Schaller guided her student to win a Gold medal in the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio on July 11 th for her design plan for a “More Exciting Classroom” project using Hertz Furniture’s school furniture products. Hertz Furniture recognizes both Mrs. Schaller’s and her student, Allie Ruf’s efforts in constructing this project and winning a Gold medal. Congratulations Mrs. Schaller and Allie!


Kay-Lynne Schaller, a Family & Consumer Science satellite teacher at Anthony Wayne Junior High School implemented a challenging and exciting Project Based Learning project with her students. Mrs. Schaller’s Financial Literacy students were offered the chance to do a Life Event Planning project. Many students plan projects that revolve around their High School Prom or 16th Birthday Party but one student went way beyond the norm with this project.Design Plan Using Hertz Furniture Products



Allie Ruf, one of Mrs. Schaller’s Financial Literacy students chose to complete a Life Event Plan Project. Knowing that she was perhaps in line to get new furniture for a newly remodeled classroom, Mrs. Schaller suggested she put together a “plan” for a new classroom full of furniture. Allie completed most of this project on her own, quite an accomplishment for an 8th grade student! Mrs. Schaller and Allie conferred many times, about table styles, room colors, additional furniture. She went through several different classroom plans, with quite a few different price points to compare prices and features of products or services. Allie used Hertz Furniture’s classroom furniture to design a plan for “Creating a More Exciting Classroom!”


Design Plan Using Hertz Furniture ProductsThe FCCLA Projects these students complete are part of the STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events, which are competitive events. Alison and 9 other students competed at a Regional Level in March. Allie had the highest score in her event and qualified to proceed to State competition last April (this was no easy feat, with a dreadful winter, and loss of 10 school days!). Allie and her schoolmates went to Columbus, and competed against students from all across Ohio, and amazingly, all TEN of Mrs. Schaller’s students who competed, including Alison and her project, “Creating a More Exciting Classroom” qualified to proceed on to the FCCLA National Leadership Convention in San Antonio, Texas!


Mrs. Schaller and Allie just returned from the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio on July 11, and Allie received a GOLD medal on her final round of competition!


 Design Plan Using Hertz Furniture Products

Hertz Furniture is proud to be a part of this creative and successful teaching initiative! Congratulations Allie and Mrs. Schaller!


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