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Profile of a School Bully


Bullies! Bullying in school has a major impact on teachers, administrators and students. With documentation of one incident of bullying every seven minutes, it pays to look at the characteristics of bullies and the causes of bullying.

Fight Cyber Bullying: Educating Teachers and Students


As the use of technology both in and out of the classroom has increased, so has the students’ ability to bully others electronically. Cyber bullying in schools has become a major concern over the past few years with students, who were perhaps the victims of traditional bullying themselves, reveling in their ability to take revenge from a distance. As cyber bullying is a distinctly different form of bullying, one must look at cyber bullying facts to develop an approach to halt this insidious form of bullying.

Bullying In The Classroom


Most children today have experienced bullying either as a victim, a perpetrator, or a witness. School bullying has reached epidemic proportions with close to 77% of all children and young adults reporting that they have been bullied during their school careers. Bullying statistics estimate that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fears of being attacked or intimidated by other students.