Video: Play Based Learning

Play Based Learning




Video blogger Mor Rossler discusses play based learning. Learning through play has become the goal of many early childhood centers.  The idea is that a child learns about the world around them, societal norms,  the basics of problem solving, math skills and language skills best through play.  Does it work? Watch the video and learn more!


What experiences have you had with play based learning? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Play Based Learning

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  1. Anna Ruane says:

    I have found play based learning to be the most developmentally appropriate for young children because children learn so much through touching, moving and manipulating objects. Teachers create ways to introduce new vocabulary and concepts during play. Children are relaxed and happy. They approach new activities at their own individual levels, while teachers guide them and facilitate new learning experiences. Learning happens naturally and organically with a teacher’s guidance.

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