Video: School Uniforms: Are they Beneficial?



School Matters Video Blogger Mor Rossler explores the school uniform debate.  Are school uniforms and/ or school dress codes beneficial to students, teachers and educational institutions?  Some claim that school uniforms lead to better discipline and better focus on academics in schools. Watch the video and learn more about this important topic!


What has been your experience with school uniforms?

One Response to Video: School Uniforms: Are they Beneficial?

  1. Mary-Pat Michalzuk says:

    I spent 17 years teaching in a school with a dress code and this year, I’m teaching at a school with a “uniform”. Both are very low income schools. The dress code, by far, was much more conducive to the education process. Students who attend with a dress code have hand-me-downs, shared clothes. The students who attend with a uniform miss school because they have no more white shirts, they shirts are stained and in shoddy condition and when it’s cold, they don’t have sweaters in the right color and get sent home and are not educated.

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