Video: Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Classroom Supplies!


Hertz Furniture video blogger Mor Rossler reports that teachers pay for classroom supplies and classroom necessities in surprising numbers. Teachers, have you spent money out of your own pocket for classroom needs? A recent study shows that 99.5% of teachers are using money out of their own pocket to supply their classroom. How do teachers feel about this and are there solutions?

Watch the video and hear what teachers’ reactions are to spending their own money and learn some possible solutions!

Classroom Supplies Video

2 Responses to Video: Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Classroom Supplies!

  1. Angie says:

    I spent just over 4,000.00 dollars last year on the needs of my students. This included food(snacks & weekend backback), clothing, shoes, and countless classroom items for my students. I also provides Christmas for 6 students who were not selected for other charity programs. I make less than 50,000 with 2 master’s degrees and 17 yrs experience. This doesn’t count things like class sets of books, protractors, software, etc. that I also purchase. I do it because my kids need it; my own children often go with less so I can give my students what their families cannot or will not provide to them. I wish I didn’t have too.

    • Mor says:

      Wow, what a sacrifice you have made for your students because you know that they are in need.I hope your generosity does not go unnoticed. I do hope that you look to the organizations I posted in the video to perhaps get some sort of financial relief. Those students are lucky to have you as their educator!

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