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Clean Zonez Air Filtration Panel Systems
Clean Zonez Air Filtration Panel Systems

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Clean Zonez Air Filtration Panel Systems


  • Multipurpose: Cleans workspace air and creates a physical barrier separating workers.
  • Powerful: Filters particles & allergens, kills bacteria, inactivates viruses, resolves formaldehyde, freshens air, and sterilizes.
  • Protective: Whisper-quiet air filtration system treats air at the point in which it is exhaled, coughed, or sneezed.
  • Thorough: Fans pull air into six layers of filtration including HEPA filtration and UV sterilization.
  • Private: PET panel absorbs noise and minimizes distractions.
  • Sturdy: Steel clamps with rubber pads, interior steel plates, and threaded screw holes provide rigidity and stability.
  • Versatile: Mounts to surfaces up to 2” thick; adjusts to 18″ or 24″ height above work surface.
  • Adjustable: Soft-touch control panel adjusts fan speed, filtration settings, sleep mode, and power.
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