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Popcorn Seating
Popcorn Seating

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Popcorn Seating

Popcorn Stacking Chairs have a versatile, practical design that is perfect for educational and professional settings. They are ideal for conference areas, classrooms, cafeterias, healthcare spaces and wherever else multi-purpose seating is required. The one-piece polypropylene shell provides a flexible backrest and supportive curves that will keep your guests comfortable for extended periods. It includes a cutout for easy cleaning and a handle which facilitates convenient stacking. These stack chairs are built to enhance your space for the long term. The wall saver design protects against scuff marks. A chrome, steel-rod frame provides sturdy support and increased legroom. With so many great design features, these stacking chairs are a worthwhile investment for any institution.


  • Perfect Match: One-piece polypropylene shell available in a selection of colors.
  • Comfortable Seat: Flexible backrest and supportive contours ensure long-term comfort.
  • Smart Design: Compact wall-saver design protects against scuff marks and provides greater flexibility for tighter spaces.
  • Tough Support: Stands on a ½"-diameter, chrome steel-rod frame.
  • Increased Legroom: Open space beneath the seat with no front crossbar offers increased, unobstructed legroom.
  • Great Accessories: Optional ganging, non-marking glides and chair dolly make these chairs even better.
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