5 Great Back To School Technology Projects and Activities


Back To school technology, a chalkboard sign with a computerThere are lots of ways to incorporate technology projects into your back to school repertoire. With students and teachers just getting to know each other, using technology in the classroom can be a great way for everyone to shine as an individual. There are lots of digital tools out there which can help make this year’s return to the classroom better than ever for your entire school community.

Back to School Technology Projects and Activities

1. Fakebook Pages

This Facebook-style website allows you to create profiles which can then be printed as a PDF. By incorporating colorful images and personal details that they would like to share with the class, students can express their individuality. Profiles can be printed and hung up around the classroom to add an engaging personal touch, or presented individually directly from the computer, giving each student the opportunity to shine and work on presentation skills.

2. Vocaroo Voice Recordings

This website makes it easy for students to record themselves. This can be a great way to show parents what you have been working on in class. You can have students record themselves reading creative writing assignments out loud and E-mail the links directly to their parents. This is a great opportunity for students to practice reading skills.

3. Kahoot  Class Quizzes

A game-based learning platform is a fun option at any point in the year. For back to school activities, you can create an interactive quiz about classroom rules, or personal details about students in the class. This is a fun way to make sure that students are familiar with your classroom expectations and each other. Students can participate in the quizzes in real-time from any device, which is perfect for tablet-friendly learning spaces.

4. Kaywa QR Code Introductions

You can hang up pictures of students with QR codes and use Kaywa to create QR codes which can link to anything your students want. This can include slideshows, portfolios, class blog pages or videos. By putting personal QR codes next to the picture of each student, you enable anyone passing by to check out what they have been up to.

5. Class Updates with Checkthis 

This is a great way to keep parents informed and get your students involved in updates. Checkthis.com allows you to create colorful posts with images and text. The user-friendly interface is perfect for elementary-school students. You can assign each student a different day of the month when they are responsible for creating a post about what happened in class that day. Checkthis also allows you to include polls, which can be a great way to get input from parents about class ideas, preferred meeting times and much more.

These are just a few of the many back to school technology projects out there. The more you incorporate technology into your classroom in creative and meaningful ways, the more relevant your teaching will seem to your students.

What back to school technology projects have you tried in your classroom? We would love to hear from you.

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