Smart Seating Charts: A Revolution in Classroom Seating Plans


Smart Seating Charts In ClassroomsEvery experienced teacher knows that there are distinct advantages to having assigned seats in the classroom, not matter what kind of seating arrangement you have. Learning clusters are great, but they are much less helpful if students are not working well together. Smart seating charts allow you to create classroom seating plans which fit your needs and preferences, without spending hours agonizing over the logistics.

Creating a seating plan that fulfills every student’s needs is quite difficult. There might be students with visual impairments who need to sit near the front, students who learn better when they are sitting near a wall, students who absolutely cannot sit together, and the list goes on. There are an unlimited number of possible parameters that can lead to the ideal layout. Once a teacher knows what is best for each student, creating a setup that fulfills the best interests of every individual in the classroom community can be extremely time consuming.

Smart seating charts allow you to find an arrangement that fulfills all of your needs, with the click of a button. ClassCharts takes your input about preferred placement for individual students, and instantly gives you an arrangement that suits all of the parameters. This is especially convenient in the middle of the year when you want to mix up the seats, while making sure that everyone is still in a good spot. This awesome app also allows you to keep track of positive and negative events in the class, and provide feedback to parents and students directly within the app. This allows you to stay on top of follow-up from classroom events, without spending hours every night E-mailing parents.

In addition to offering lots of great seating arrangements, smart seating charts also have some handy tools that you can use during your lessons. With Smart Seat, you can take attendance on a phone or tablet, while walking around the room. This saves you from having to carry around an attendance book, and makes it easier to move around the room while you are checking who is in the class on a given day. This convenient seating app also allows you to randomly select students to answer questions or perform other classroom tasks. This can make such a difference when you have a big class and want to make sure that you are engaging every student throughout the lesson.

Why do seating charts matter? While randomly assigning students to seats can sometimes work out in your favor, it doesn’t take the needs of the individual into account. Research has shown that assigned seats are most effective as a classroom management strategy and learning tool when they are assigned based on things like performance, ability and personality. Additionally, there are some seats which are just better than others, when it comes to encouraging participation. For example, students who are seated toward the middle of the classroom tend to ask more questions, which is a sign that they are engaged in the lesson. If the same students always get the best seats, they will always have the best opportunities to succeed. With smart seating charts, you can make sure that the prime locations go to different students each time you reassign seats, so everyone gets a chance to do their best.

Teachers have a lot on their plates, so any app that can help ease the burden, while improving performance is a great boon. Smart seating charts can really enhance the experience of teachers and their students, when educators choose to take advantage of all the cool features that they offer.

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