Video: Co-teaching in the Classroom!

Co-teaching Video

School Matters’ video blogger Mor Rossler discusses co-teaching, also known as collaborative team teaching. What is co-teaching and why has it become so prevalent?  Why is Co-teaching so popular with teachers, what can students get out of  the situation and why is school administrator support so important?

Mor has the answers to these questions about co-teaching in the classroom and more. Watch the video!

We’d love to hear about your team teaching experience!

Co-teaching Video


4 Responses to Video: Co-teaching in the Classroom!

  1. rossana says:

    Hi, I’m a teacher and I have seen the video is very interesting
    It’s beautiful esperience.
    Greetings from Italy

  2. Mor says:

    Thanks Rosana, glad you liked it!

    • Peter says:

      Great points, Mor. It takes a long time to change the culture of a school and even longer to change the culture of individual class teachers. In Wales, we are moving slowly towards this, but many class teachers still feel uncomfortable with another teacher planning, facilitating and assessing with them. Many classrooms still suffer from ‘my class, my children, my rules’ syndrome with little scope for input from another professional. Collaborative teaching methodology should be a key component of initial teacher training in both the USA and here in Wales.
      Thanks for the video!

      • Mor says:

        Thank you for your comment!
        I agree, the transition can be tough. As educators, we sometimes feel ownership of all that we have worked for. As you mentioned and as I stressed in the video, with proper time and energy focused on training and building a positive relationship, teachers could really learn to develop a positive experience from a co-teaching environment. I hope the transition happens smoothly!

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