Outdoors Furniture



Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like some quality time with outdoor equipment. Whether it's a school playground or some park benches, creating a space where people can enjoy some fresh air will keep everyone happier throughout the day. Should you put outdoor benches in the courtyard? Outdoor seating and picnic benches provide the perfect venues for breaks and meals.

Outdoor spaces aren't all about fun and games. They can also be beautified with some choice flowers that are placed in planter boxes. When you are designing a space, it is always important to include some well-placed outdoor garbage cans.

What kind of equipment do you need for recess and outdoor play?

Every elementary school, daycare center and preschool has to have spaces where kids can play outside. Whether during structured group activities or free play, a lot can be gained from a change of scenery, when the weather permits it. Colorful playground equipment entices children with various activities and challenges. Don't be fooled by all of the fun and excitement, outdoor play can actually be educational as well.

When young children climb, jump, balance and slide, they are developing critical motor skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Recess is more than just play, it is an opportunity for children to take initiative, form social bonds and learn new things in many areas. All of our commercial playground equipment is designed to enhance your students' experience during the school day. We have tons of models, designed for different ages and different class or school sizes. With these options, everyone can play at the same time while enjoying school playground equipment that is appropriate for their age and stage.

What kind of furniture should you get for the outdoor area of your high school?

While playgrounds are typically for preschools and elementary schools, there is lots of other outdoor equipment that can be enjoyed in high schools, professional settings and houses of worship as well. Great outdoor seating will make a welcome addition to just about any space. Whether its team benches or outdoor chairs, having a cozy place to sit and take in the beauty of natural scenery will always be appreciated.

What is the best kind of outdoor seating?

Outdoor benches come in many different styles. Wooden park benches are a common choice for gardens and other areas with lots of natural greenery. A players bench is often placed on the side of the sports field or court so team members have a place to sit and watch the action when they are not in the game. Metal benches can also be placed next to a playground. They stay in great condition through many kinds of weather and offer a perfect place for teachers to sit and supervise recess. Giving educators a comfortable place to sit while they supervise children at play is a great way to show teacher appreciation.

Looking for a nice alternative to the noisy, crowded cafeteria? A few well-placed picnic tables can encourage students to eat outside while enjoying the calm and fresh air. In middle schools and high schools, they can also be a great place for teachers to have important conversations with students or for peer mediation. Picnic benches are also a wonderful space for hands-on outdoor activities with a class. If teachers have lessons that use natural materials which are particularly messy, hosting them at outdoor picnic tables can minimize the cleanup time.

Do you need special garbage cans for outside?

Every space requires proper waste disposal, whether it is indoors or outside. Students need to be taught to be green at school, and properly dispose of all waste materials no matter where they are. This is especially important in shared outdoor areas where trash can easily build up and destroy natural beauty. Outdoor garbage cans are built to withstand the elements so they will maintain a clean appearance, rain or shine. Don't forget to include some recycling bins as well to encourage environmental awareness.

While it is always ideal to work with the natural plant growth in any space, sometimes a few additional plants can really enhance a space. Planter boxes will raise your flowers or trees, giving them prominent positioning that is sure to be noticed. They are perfect for a courtyard, playground, or even the perimeter of a parking lot. Outdoor planters have a natural classiness that will enhance any school, church or office building exterior.

What kinds of bulletin boards can you put outside?

No matter what kind of institution you are furnishing, you want to make sure that you keep the right people informed. With an outdoor bulletin board or message board, making sure that the word gets out is easier than ever. Which kind of board is preferable? That all depends on what you want to use it for.

An outdoor bulletin board is great to have when you want to post fliers for events. You can print out just about anything you like and tack it up in a matter of seconds. Glass doors shield content from the elements and locks prevent tampering. If you want the space to be available to anyone who wants to disseminate information, all you need to do is leave the doors unlocked so people can take initiative and hang up their own announcements.

Message boards keep everything neat and are easy to read, even from far away. Rather than having to reprint papers every time there is a small change in time or location, you can simply rearrange a few letters. A letter board is the most eco-friendly option because you can reuse the same materials over and over again without wasting any paper or ink. You can even get a message board with a header on the top so it is clear who is giving the information and sponsoring the events. Built-in illumination is a great option because it provides a clearer view of your messages so info can be easily obtained at all times of the day.

One thing you should definitely think about if you have a lot of big games and special outdoor events is stanchions. Crowd control barriers help you keep orderly straight lines for picking up tickets or getting to seats. Crowd control stanchions can also be used to block off an area that is off limits or reserved for special purposes.

Give your outdoor spaces the consideration they need to become beautiful, enticing, relaxing areas. With the right playground equipment or picnic benches anyone can go out and get refreshed before returning to a packed “to do” list. If you need help figuring out which layout best suits your space, contact our experts in the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.