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We specialize in helping organizations of all types with furniture financing and leases. With years of experience, Hertz Furniture has a program that's right for you.

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*Tax deductibility depends on your organization's tax position and the structure of the financing

Furniture financing can make a big difference to your company or school. Finding affordable furniture can be tough, but when you combine Hertz Furniture's budget-friendly prices with our amazing furniture payment plans, you can have manageable monthly payments and get what you've always wanted.

With years of experience, Hertz Furniture can find a financing program that is right for you. We will come up with a number of options for qualified customers, and help each client choose the best one according to their needs. We specialize in helping organizations with all types of financing and leases, so don't hesitate to take advantage of our affordable furniture payment plans.

Many institutions have been there before. In the midst of general startup costs or a large-scale renovation project, there is not much room left in the school budget for furniture. It might seem like there is no way out. Students need classroom desks to sit in and they have to come from somewhere. But how can the limited funds be stretched to supply the appropriate classroom furniture? With furniture financing, a school can get a customized payment plan which lets them slowly pay off the school desks and student chairs over time. This option enables you to get what you need fast, while paying it off in more manageable pieces.

For a company that has never used office furniture financing before, the idea might be a bit confusing. How do we determine what the monthly payments will be? What is a reasonable budget when you aren't paying everything up front? Hertz Furniture's office furniture financing works with your budget to help your company choose the best options. With choices and personalized service, it is easy to keep a handle on spending and ensure that payments are reasonable.

It is important to understand just how furniture stores that finance go about doing this. The first step is getting an idea of about how much you want to spend. This means looking through Hertz Furniture's wide selection of items and choosing the ones that you think will work best for you. Overwhelmed by all of the options or by the size of your project? If you have a foggy idea of what you need or even an empty space that you have no clue how to fill, the experts in the Hertz Design Center can help. With free project-planning advice, they can help you get an estimate of just what you need and how much it is going to cost.

Once you have a price quote, it will be forwarded to Hertz Furniture's financing department who will contact you directly to discuss your eligibility and the different financing options available to you. After eligibility has been determined, you can choose a preferred option, sign the contract papers and send it back to the finance dept. Once your completed contract is received, your order can be released. With such a smooth and easy process, you can begin enjoying your new purchases as soon as possible.

If you are looking for furniture stores with payment plans, Hertz Furniture should definitely be on the top of your list. The number of years your plan is for and the amount of the monthly payments is according to your choice and agreement. With manageable monthly payments agreed upon by the customer, any qualified organization can have the office furniture of their dreams.

The way you furnish your office, school or house of worship can have a tremendous impact on clients, membership or enrollment. If you want to own the right furniture, but can afford to pay for it all up front, furniture payment plans are a great option. They let you pay over time while enjoying use of your classy, functional furniture.