Preschool Furniture

Invite little ones to learn, explore and grow with vibrant preschool furniture.
Hertz Furniture recognizes that there is more to preschool furniture than smaller sizes. How should you set up a preschool classroom? Your preschool classroom should be set up with everything from colorful classroom rugs and play furniture to a sturdy preschool tables and chairs.

From playtime to naptime and everything in between, Hertz Furniture has all of the items you need to create a functional and inviting learning space. Choose from a wide range of storage options, imaginative play toys, cozy cots and more to find a winning combination that little ones will love.

What kind of tables should you get for a preschool?

Many of the activities in a preschool take place around activity tables. Hertz Furniture offers a huge selection of sizes, colors and styles so you can find the best preschool tables for your classroom. Choose from horseshoe, trapezoid, rectangle, kidney, square, circle, flower and clover shaped preschool tables. You can find toddler activity tables with matching edge banding and leg uppers, colored surfaces or vibrant ball glides. We carry models from Mahar, Academia and KFI.

Looking for preschool tables and chairs that match? Choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors to provide a custom fit for young learners in any setting. Make sure to purchase preschool chairs that are the right height for your students. If you are looking to outfit a preschool or daycare, 10”- or 12”-high chairs are a good fit.

What kind of storage do I need for my preschool classroom?

Once you have settled on a table and chairs, there are plenty of other preschool furniture items to think about if you want a classroom that ranks high on the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS). Shelving and cubbies are important for any classroom. They can provide great storage for books, toys, sensory bottles, ABC tubs, art supplies and more. Open lockers or cubbies give children an easy place to keep their personal items, backpacks and jackets throughout the day.

Colorful educational toys and circle time rugs can really spice up a preschool or daycare. For the youngest learners, a wide selection of Children's Factory soft-play toys can help develop both gross- and fine-motor skills. Wood Designs sand and water tables come in a variety of sizes, configurations and heights that will fit any space or age. Hertz Furniture also offers many imaginative-play toys.

You're probably wondering, so what should my preschool classroom look like? A preschool classroom should look like a fun and educational space. If you are looking for a way to spice-up your classroom, a colorful classroom carpet is a super choice. You can choose a classroom rug that teaches about geography, shapes, math or letters, or a design that is just for fun. We have preschool rugs from popular manufacturers such as Joy Carpets and Carpets for Kids.

What kind of classroom learning centers belong in a preschool classroom?

Whether you are teaching pre-k or preschool, classroom centers should be an integral part of the learning space. Some of the most common learning centers include an art area with a kids easel and lots of fun materials, a listening center and a sensory center. The dramatic play area is another popular one. It might include a store, house area, play loft, play kitchen and lots of other realistic items that encourage children to explore and use their imaginations.

Center time is a great opportunity for self-directed play. If you want to encourage each student to seek out challenges and try new things every day, differentiated learning centers can be a great tool. If you are looking for a way to separate the block center, reading corner and puppet center, you can use preschool storage units, play panels or preschool room dividers.

How can I make my students comfortable during preschool nap time?

When playtime is over and it's time for some rest, your students can enjoy a comfortable nap time while dozing on a selection of rest cots and mats. Cots are available in a variety of sizes, some of which can be stacked for storage when it's time to play again. Foldable mats make it easy to setup or cleanup the nap area in no time. Don't forget to section-off the rest area with a curtain so sleepy children won't be distracted by what is happening in the rest of the room.

Overwhelmed by all of the considerations and options for your preschool furniture? Hertz furniture is here to help you choose just the right items for your space. Whether you are just looking for an extra bookcase or you want to outfit an entire early-childhood program, you can trust that the furniture experts will offer great advice that suits your needs. Many of our items come with extended warranties.

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Create an inviting courtyard or outdoor play area with durable furnishings and recreation products from Ultra Play. This fun, functional collection of outdoor trash cans, picnic tables, playground equipment and park benches will encourage everyone to spend more time outside.

Ultraplay furnishings come with a 25-year warranty for many years of outdoor enjoyment. This tough furniture is built to withstand the elements, maintaining an attractive and inviting appearance in any kind of weather. Colorful picnic benches, playgrounds and garbage cans can be coordinated to create the ideal play area for recess, lunch and breaks.

When furniture is purchased that will remain outside permanently, it is important to make sure that it is designed to keep up its strength and appearance, rain or shine. Ultra Play products come in great colors that will not fade in the sun, or wear out in the rain. Perforated surfaces constructed from steel coated with high-tech thermoplastic are incredibly easy to clean and ensure that moisture flows away, rather than building up.

Great outdoor seating will encourage students and employees to take advantage of beautiful days and really enjoy their breaks. Outdoor benches and chairs come in many sizes and styles. Team benches are perfect for the sidelines of the soccer field or the baseball dugout, while park benches will look great in the front of a building or a small garden.

For those who prefer a more flexible option, outdoor chairs are a great choice. Unlike benches which are mounted on the ground, chairs can be moved around, so everyone can have seating exactly where they want it. This is a great arrangement for a court yard or playground area because teachers can position chairs in the optimal arrangements for student supervision.

Appropriate seating is just one thing that can encourage people to enjoy their natural surroundings. With comfortable outdoor tables, students can enjoy eating lunch outside as well. Picnic tables create some enticing overflow seating for the cafeteria on nice days and give students more room to spread out during breaks and meals.

Kids of every age will just love breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature while sitting at picnic benches. Children's picnic tables are great for a class activity that uses eco-friendly materials. This arrangement will take the mess out of the classroom and let kids enjoy their natural surroundings. Additionally, if there are outdoor picnic tables near a playground, students who finish eating quickly can go and play, and caregivers will still be able to supervise the whole class.

All students deserve to enjoy the weather, no matter what their physical capabilities might be. Ultraplay's ADA compliant tables ensure that no one is excluded. When a school chooses to purchase wheelchair accessible tables, it teaches all students the importance of inclusion. Schools should cater to all students equally, and having accommodating outdoor furniture is just one step in ensuring that this happens.

When tables and seating have been selected, it's time to think about outdoor waste receptacles. Vibrant colors make garbage cans easy to locate, so disposing of wrappers, tissues and other trash becomes a natural thing for students to do when they finish their lunches. Outdoor trash cans have removable inserts for easy emptying. They can be coordinated with picnic tables or used to bring a new shade into the mix.

The playground is one of the most important areas in a school. When children have an appropriate place to run, climb, slide and explore during outdoor activity time, they can get their energy out, so they are calmer and more focused when they return to the classroom. Commercial playground equipment from Ultraplay gives the whole class lots of fun things to do during recess and breaks.

Recess is more than just play, it is an opportunity for children to develop important social and motor skills. Ultra play's playground equipment includes activity panels that promote developmental and educational activities. These hands-on learning opportunities make math and science fun, and encourage children to take initiative to find out more about their world. There are also plenty of fun ways to climb up onto decks and slide back down for hours of outdoor fun.

Bring learning outdoors with picnic benches, outdoor seating and playgrounds from Ultra Play. With attractive designs and durable materials, there is no better choice for your school, community center or even office building. If you need help arranging your ideal outdoor space or selecting the perfect model, contact the experts in the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.