Principal's Office Furniture

Principal's Office


The principal's office represents the heart of the school. What is the best way to decorate a principal's office? It should be decorated in a way that draws respect and exudes competence. With the right office desk and executive chair, students, teachers, parents and visitors will enter respectfully for serious discussions and meetings.

To ensure that everyone enjoys visiting the principal's office, Hertz Furniture offers a wide selection of executive furniture. We suggest starting off with one of our impressive executive chairs in sumptuous leather, and a stately office desk in an elegant mahogany finish. Matching guest chairs, bookcases and filing cabinets will round off the look.

What kind of atmosphere do you want in the principal’s office?

Visiting the principal's office can be quite intimidating for students. While it is desirable to create an air of authority in this professional space, there is also a value to having an inviting and open atmosphere. With Hertz Furnitures great selection of guest chairs and file cabinets, you can design a space that reflects your values and achievements. The right combination will project professional competence to parents, teachers, colleagues and board members while providing a safe space for students.

What kind of desk does the school principal need?

The central focus of any personal workspace is the office desk, and the principal's office is no exception. The executive desk is the first thing that visitors will notice when they step inside a workspace. Every school administrator can choose from a selection of traditional and contemporary office desks to find the style that suits personal taste and office decor. A stately piece of furniture can be quite imposing, which is great when you are meeting with parents or reviewing teacher assessments. A modern style will demonstrate a principal's ability to connect to contemporary trends.

After a desk has been chosen, the headmaster needs a comfortable and supportive place to sit. Although principals are quite busy, many spend a considerable amount of time hosting meetings, writing E-mails and doing paperwork at their desks. In order to maintain maximum focus, and effective educational leadership, they need to avoid unnecessary distractions such as back and neck pain. We have a number of ergonomic executive office chairs that have a respectable appearance and provide proper support.

Task chairs come in a huge selection of materials and styles. Leather office chairs offer the ultimate in luxury and elegance. They maintain a stately appearance through many years of use. Mesh office chairs provide great ventilation. Many mesh models have a modern design and adjustable features that provide an ergonomic fit for just about anyone.

Where should guests sit in the principal's office?

Principals rarely sit in their offices alone. They are constantly visited by parents, teachers and students. Cozy guest seating ensures that visitors feel accommodated and valued. Guest chairs come in a variety of styles and colors that are suitable for many professional settings. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find a number of options that will fit well in a workspace and appeal to visitors.

Where can principals store their files?

Principals have to keep track of a lot of information, especially if they are responsible for large schools. While most office desks have box and file drawers, a busy professional will soon find that there is not enough space for all of the files and office supplies that are needed. Having a few extra filing cabinets will enable administrators to keep all of the forms and information they need in an easily-accessible space. We have wood file cabinets as well as file drawers so you can enjoy the durability of industrial strength or coordinate with your office desk.

If display space is desired, office bookcases and hutches should be considered. A headmaster can easily fill an office with literature that is related to the profession. When visitors walk in and see all of the books, they will be impressed with someone who is well-read and demonstrates a personal interest in the profession. Office hutches come in a number of different styles which offer a combination of covered storage and open display space.

The principal is one of the main representatives of a school so it is important to make sure that he or she has an office that is befitting a professional. With Hertz Furniture's wide selection of office desks, executive chairs and other office furnishings, it is easy to create an elegant workspace. If you need help choosing the right pieces of office furniture, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.