Reception Furniture



The reception area might just be the most important space in your whole office. As clients and patients walk in, this room will give them the first impression. With the right reception area furniture, you can make sure that your office projects an accurate image of the company.

Hertz Furniture’s elegant and functional reception area furnishings will give your work space the edge it needs. What is the best way to arrange the waiting room? With great reception chairs and accent tables, you can create the lobby you have always dreamed of. Many of our models come with extended warranties so you can be sure to enjoy this quality office furniture for years to come.

Why is the office reception area so important?

When people are waiting for appointments, meetings or interviews, the last thing you want to do is add to potential anxiety or frustrations. If the waiting room in not decorated in an attractive way and there is no place to sit, clients and patients will quickly become frustrated. By furnishing your lobby with cushy and visually-appealing reception furniture, you will help everyone stay calm and have a pleasant wait.

What kind of reception seating should be in the lobby?

Reception and lobby chairs should be the first items that are considered when outfitting your space. Great guest chairs will provide cozy and supportive seating that makes any wait a much more pleasant one. They are also some of the largest and most dominant pieces of office furniture in the room, so their style will have a significant impact on the overall feel of the space.

Reception seating can be arranged in a number of ways. Long rows of reception chairs will be necessary in doctors’ offices and other medical service settings. Coordinated club chairs, sofas and loveseats are better for offices where there are not many people waiting at one time. Luxurious settees and lounge chairs will make a business seem quite classy and elegant.

What will complement my waiting room chairs?

The perfect complement to reception chairs is coordinated occasional tables. If your lobby chairs have wooden arms or legs, you can coordinate their finishes with coffee tables and end tables. Sofas and love seats can be arranged around a cocktail table in the center of the room or side tables and end tables can be placed between seats against the wall. Occasional tables don’t just make great accents, they also offer a convenient place to put down magazines or informative literature.

While people are waiting or spending time in the lobby anyway, why not take the opportunity to advertise services or proudly display accomplishments? With some stately display cases you can showcase school trophies or business awards properly and prominently. Students and professionals work hard every day, so they deserve to have special recognition displayed in glass display cases. An attractive arrangement is sure to impress everyone who comes in. When you have a trophy case in the lobby, people are likely to go over and look at the contents while they are waiting.

How can I keep my clients informed?

Another great way for visitors to pass their time in the waiting room is by reading about upcoming events and announcements. Bulletin boards make it easy to hang up fliers, advertisements and newspaper clippings that relate to your company, institution or school. With a well-placed cork board, you can ensure that parents, students or patients will see announcements as they come in.

Everybody walks through the reception area to get into offices and meeting rooms, so this is the perfect place to distribute papers or information. Having a mail organizer in the lobby will ensure that employees don’t forget to pick up their company mail on the way into the office. A literature organizer can also provide an easy way to distribute forms, pamphlets or other recommended reading to clients and visitors.

What reception furniture will enhance my lobby?

Nothing is worse than having to deal with soggy carpets and wet lobby chairs on a rainy day. Make sure that all of the rain stays away from reception furniture by furnishing the reception area with an umbrella stand and coat rack. Rather than dripping all over the floor and getting everything wet, people can come into the office, hang up their coats and start warming up. Even if it’s not raining, having a coat tree saves everyone from having to carry around bulky outerwear. Make sure to put umbrella holders and costumers in a prominent place so visitors won’t forget their coats on the way out.

Give your reception room a full-scale makeover for a budget-friendly price with Hertz Furniture’s wonderful selection of reception area furniture. Whether you just need to put on the finishing touches, or you want to redo the whole lobby, we have a selection of models that is guaranteed to provide you with a cozy and inviting waiting room. If you need help coordinating all of the pieces or determining the ideal layout, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.