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Science Lab


Inspire budding young scientists with laboratory furniture from Hertz Furniture. No matter what the size of your lab is, whether you are studying biology, chemistry or physics, we have all of the science furniture you need. With appropriate lab tables and workstations, you can help students gain important skills and learn new things.

How should a school science lab be set up? Whatever layout you choose, you need lab furniture that is safe and durable. We offer a variety of styles and sizes that can fit any space or budget. With convenient accessories such as lab cabinets, whiteboards and trash cans, you can get everything you need from Hertz Furniture.

Why do you need science lab tables?

School science lab design plays a big part in your students' education. In order to ensure that students properly understand complex concepts and the scientific process, you need to provide them with the appropriate lab furniture and equipment for experiments. While regular classroom tables are great for most lessons, the science room requires something that is stronger and more specialized. If students attempt to use chemicals and other strong materials on regular school tables, furniture will quickly get ruined. However, specialized lab furniture which is designed for these purposes will stay in great shape even if tough materials accidentally spill on them.

Laboratory workstations and science tables have extra-durable surfaces which make them ideal for experiments as well as frontal lessons. They come with varying degrees of resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures, so everyone can invest in the degree of durability that is necessary for the experiments they plan on performing. While higher degrees of durability are always preferable, a school on a tight budget might prefer a lower resistance if they do not plan on using very harsh chemicals.

What kind of lab tables should I get?

Science lab tables come in many sizes. Although a larger work surface is always preferable, it is important to ensure that enough tables will fit in the science classroom for each student to sit comfortably. For extra convenience, some models come with book boxes, which provide a convenient place to put class materials so they won't get damaged or get in the way during experiments. For maximum flexibility, there are also adjustable-height laboratory tables which are ADA compliant as well.

While lab tables are good enough for most experiments, laboratory workstations can be even more convenient. In addition to featuring surface materials that are strong enough to withstand spills and extreme temperatures, they also have built-in water and gas fixtures. With this arrangement, students have everything they need conveniently located right where they are seated. Workstations are ideal for high school science classes because they enable everyone to progress at their own pace rather than having to wait for a turn to use shared fixtures.

Lab stations can be installed in the center of a room or along the walls. They come in two- and four-student units with forward-facing and cluster arrangements. Both of these options make it easy to work with lab partners. Four-student workstations are good when dealing with rare or expensive materials that you don't want to use up too much of. They enable budding scientists to work in pairs or larger groups. It is important to consider whether the science lab will be used mostly for experiments, or for frontal lessons as well because some arrangements will make students have to twist around in order to see teachers during instruction periods.

Where should students sit in the science lab?

Having a place to work is the first step in equipping the science lab. Once tables or workstations have been selected, it's time to choose seating. Lab stools come with either swivel or non-swivel bases. Swivel stools are comfortable to sit in and make it easy to turn around and reach something that is far away. They are available with padding or in durable hard plastic or polypropylene. For those who are concerned about students swaying from side to side and distracting themselves and others, regular stools are available as well. With stationary stools, you don't have to worry as much about people knocking into harsh chemicals, glass instruments and expensive equipment by accident.

What other lab furniture belongs in the science lab?

Every lesson requires different materials, so it is a good idea to have some lab cabinets in the science classroom where various items can be stored. You can choose from free-standing or wall-mounted laboratory cabinets with glass or wood doors. We also have tote tray cabinets, base cabinets and flammable liquids safety cabinets.

There are a few more things that are needed to complete your school science lab, especially now that STEM education has become so popular. Having a whiteboard at the front of the room is helpful in any instructional setting because it provides an appropriate space for giving directions, delivering information and explaining procedures. Garbage cans are essential in any classroom, but especially in a science lab where materials are constantly being used and discarded.

Determining the optimal layouts for learning can be a complicated process. At Hertz Furniture, we don't just supply you with all of the science lab furniture you need, we can also help you choose the best models for your space and the ideal arrangement for these pieces. If you need help determining exactly how you would like you school science lab to look, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.