Student Desks

School desks play an important role in your classroom layout and student experience.
The right student desks can make all the difference in a classroom. What kinds of school desks are there? There are combo desks and classic models in many different styles. Add diversity and creativity to your school with our exclusive Innovation, Inspiration, Illustration and Educational Edge classroom desks.

With a variety of bases, finishes and accessories, you'll find the best types school desks for your classrooms at Hertz furniture. Our wide selection is sure to include a number of great options for your learning space. When you buy student desks from Hertz Furniture, you know you are getting the best in both quality and convenience.

What is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a school desk?

The most important consideration when purchasing school desks should be the work surface material. This key feature determines how long your desk will last and how it will look throughout the years. While laminate desktops are the most budget-friendly option and they do offer basic damage resistance, they do not have the durability of WoodStone or hard plastic. Hard plastic is scratch- and stain-resistant, and maintains an attractive appearance through many years of use. WoodStone offers the toughness of hard plastic but at a lighter weight and better price.

Although the classic rectangular top is great, innovative work surface shapes offer other excellent options. Petal classroom desks work well individually or arranged in collaborative clusters of six. They are the perfect shape for creating a learning circle. Their large desktops give students plenty of room to work.

What kind of student desk is best for a flexible classroom?

If you are looking for a shape that is great for smaller clusters, the Innovation series is an excellent option. Although rectangular desks can be arranged in groups, it is harder for students to see each other when they are facing one particular direction. When Innovation desks are arranged in a cluster, all students face the middle, making it easier for them to see each other and collaborate on group work. They work well in clusters of two or four.

If you are looking to save space in the classroom, two-student desks are the way to go. They provide ample space for individual students and are conducive to work in pairs. The double desk from Allied Plastics features a double-tier bookbox between the two sides for accessible storage. We also have double desks without a bookbox in between.

What features should you look for in a classroom desk?

Whichever desk configuration you choose, there are a number of features that are always convenient to have. Adjustable-height desks are especially useful if your school caters to students of various ages and sizes. Rather than having to make sure that you have appropriately-sized desks for each grade, you can simply modify desk heights as needed. Another great option is the U-brace. This bit of added reinforcement makes desks super sturdy.

School desks don't have to be bland and boring. We offer a number of different options that will brighten up your classroom. The Inspiration and Educational Edge2 lines feature colored bookboxes that are available in a choice of vibrant hues. If you just want a colored accent, Educational Edge student desks feature bright edge banding in a choice of attractive colors. For a fun twist, petal desks are available with colored edge banding and leg uppers to brighten up your classroom.

What is the best place for student desk storage?

It is important for students to have an appropriate place to put materials that are needed for class. Book boxes are a great remedy for cluttered desktops. Rather than students stacking all classroom materials in front of them, writing surfaces stay clear with only necessary materials on top and the rest inside the bookbox.

Book boxes come in a number of different styles. The classic open-front style provides students with easy access and keeps contents hidden. If you are concerned about students playing inside their desks during lessons, lift-lid book boxes keep materials close at hand while preventing students from fiddling inside. If you want to monitor desk contents, open view book boxes offer full visibility.

Hertz Furniture's huge selection of student desks includes a number of great styles and models for students of any age. With so many options to choose from and a lot of factors to consider, it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you need help choosing the best model for your school, don't hesitate to call the Hertz Design Center for free project planning advice.

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Innovation Classroom Desk INN-2000

Innovation Classroom Desk

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Certified Green
Innovation Classroom Desk with Book Rack INN-2000-B

Innovation Classroom Desk with Book Rack

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Certified Green
Petal Classroom Desk PET-1900

Petal Classroom Desk

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Colored Petal Classroom Desk PET-1900C

Colored Petal Classroom Desk

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AlphaBetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, 28 SFC-1201

AlphaBetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, 28"x20"

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Made in USA
AlphaBetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, Bookbox, 28 SFC-1202

AlphaBetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, Bookbox, 28"x20"

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Made in USA
Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Premium Top, 28”x20” SFC-1203

Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Premium Top, 28”x20”

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Made in USA
Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, 36”x24” SFC-1206

Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Standard Top, 36”x24”

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Made in USA
Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Premium Top, 36”x24” SFC-1208

Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk - Premium Top, 36”x24”

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Made in USA
Innovation Stand-Up Student Desk INN-2000-S

Innovation Stand-Up Student Desk

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Certified Green
Bookbox for Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk SFC-1212

Bookbox for Alphabetter Sit/Stand Desk

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Certified Green
Ergonomic school furniture will change the way your students learn. When children are positioned properly throughout the day, they are able to focus longer, learn better and go home without worrying about aches and pains. Starting off young with ergonomic classroom furniture will help students develop important motor skills in the proper way.

Hertz Furniture understands that a healthy learning environment starts with ergonomic chairs and desks so students can stop squirming and focus on their learning. Ergonomic school chairs have become increasingly popular, but they are only one component in a formula for creating a proper work space. Training tables and school desks work in conjunction with chairs to ensure that hands and wrists are positioned properly for writing or typing.

A 21st century school has to have technology in the classroom, and that often means bringing in computers. Children are learning to utilize digital resources from a very young age, and it is important to make sure that they start off typing with correct positioning. If proper habits are developed from the beginning, maintaining them will be a natural, effortless process.

The benefits of starting young with ergonomic furniture aren't limited to creating the right habits. Some of the most common muscle and joint conditions adults suffer from are developed over years of improper posture and positioning. The earlier students learn the correct ways to sit and work, the less likely they will be to develop pain later.

Many professionals spend countless hours every week seated at desks. Ergonomic office furniture is key for helping everyone from computer programmers to lawyers to accountants maximize productivity and look forward to work every day. One thing to think about when choosing ergonomic desks or office chairs is that different people need different designs and configurations. Ergonomics is all about making sure that every individual can create their perfect fit with the right positioning. There is no single solution that will fit every person. Investing in the right furniture will pay off in the long run because it will reduce workplace injuries, causing less missed days of productivity.

There are certain arrangements that need to be made to enable one who is seated at an office desk to work in the proper position. Things that are often needed throughout the day should be placed within reach so people don't have to stretch or twist into unnatural positions to retrieve them. Knee clearance is necessary to enable feet to rest flat on the floor. The computer monitor should be at eye-level to eliminate eye strain, and a keyboard tray should rest under the worksurface so wrists are flat while typing.

Start creating your ergonomic classroom today with this wonderful collection of vibrant and supportive school furniture. The Inspiration classroom chair features a double-curved back with flex action so students can lean back in a natural posture. Integrated lumbar support fits the natural curve of the back. Inspiration combo desks have work surfaces with a curved inner edge so students can sit properly without having to stretch in order to access necessary supplies. With a selection of heights to choose from, children of all ages can sit with their feet resting flat on the floor and backs in the ideal position. Hertz Furniture has ergonomic school desks in a variety of shapes so you can create a flexible classroom that is furnished for proper positioning as well.

Computer tables with recessed monitors can help create an ergonomic office or school. With the computer screen positioned at a natural viewing angle, everyone can work more comfortably. NOVA computer tables put the monitor at an ergonomically-beneficial 35-degree angle, which is the position in which one naturally holds a book. Whether you are furnishing a school computer lab or corporate training room, ergonomic computer tables should be on the top of your list.

Anyone who works at a desk needs an appropriate ergonomic office chair. This is the piece of furniture that must endure the most wear and tear and has the most dramatic impact on how the body is positioned during the workday. Hertz Furniture has huge selection of ergonomic chairs to fit a variety of budgets and styles. With appropriate adjustable features, they will help school principals, secretaries and students stay on task and get the job done right.

A school is only as good as its furniture. If students and teachers aren't comfortable, conducting classes becomes way more challenging than it needs to be. Ergonomic tables and appropriate classroom chairs will keep all members of your school community happy. Designing an ergonomic classroom takes planning. If you need help figuring out which school furniture will best support your students, contact the experts at the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.