Teacher Chairs

Nothing shows educators how much you appreciate their diligence and dedication like a comfy teachers chair.
A sturdy, comfortable teacher chair is an essential part of your classroom furniture. While students come and go every class period, teachers often spend many classes in a row in the same room. With so much time in one space, your hard-working educators deserve to have an appropriate place to sit.

What kind of teachers chair is best? The teacher chairs in our collection include swivel chairs, task chairs and school chairs. All of our chairs are built for durability and comfort. Show your teachers that you support their hard work and dedication by providing them with appropriate seating in the classroom.

Classroom furniture isn't just for the students. Educators are an integral part of the school community and classroom culture, so it is important to make sure that they are properly supported -- emotionally, professionally and physically. A comfortable, functional teacher chair can make an educator's job much easier, and significantly more pleasant.

How can a teacher move around the room without having to stand all the time?

The best teachers are the ones who move around the classroom rather than remaining in one place and lecturing. However, while walking around is important, it can also be difficult for anyone to stand through an entire class period. The ideal is to have a teachers chair that lets the educator move around the classroom without having to stand up all the time. With a mobile swivel chair, teachers are able to keep track of students in all parts of the room, without having to constantly walk around. They can swivel around to get a full view of the classroom, glide over and help a student, or roll the chair into position and sit down anywhere they want. Rather than having to lift the chair or drag it to go over and work with students at their desks, the teacher can easily push the chair to the desired location with minimal time and effort.

In addition to moving around the classroom, teachers must be constantly turning from side to side to maintain eye contact with students in different parts of the room. Rather than turning their bodies, educators who are seated in a swivel chair can simply rotate the task chair to face students without changing positions. This is a great arrangement for when one is seated in the front of the classroom or working with a small group around a desk or a table.

What should I look for in a teachers chair?

Certain features are always convenient to have in a teachers chair, because having a properly-positioned chair can make a huge difference to anyone. Adjustable-height teacher chairs are ideal because they can be adapted to fit almost anyone perfectly. While this is useful in any setting, it is especially helpful for a teacher who is working with young students. Many teachers, especially those who work in preschools or elementary schools, spend a lot of time sitting on regular children's school chairs, which can be harmful to their backs over time. However, rather than having to bend down and strain his or her back, or sit on a child-size school chair, a teacher can simply lower the teacher chair seat and stay on eye-level with students in a position that is comfortable and supportive for them.

How can I coordinate my teacher chair with other classroom furniture?

If you like to have a classroom that is totally coordinated, we have teachers chairs that match perfectly with our student classroom chairs. You can choose hard plastic or poly shell models. If you want to coordinate your learning space but are concerned that school chairs on wheels is not supportive enough for teachers, you can still have the best of both worlds with one of our padded teacher chairs.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that classroom design, layout and furniture affect the experience of both students and teachers. Comfortable seating is essential for everyone involved in the educational environment. Especially with all of the efforts and teacher expenses educators take on, they deserve to have a nice place to sit. When you provide educators with attractive and supportive teacher's chairs, you enable them to focus better, while demonstrating a high regard for the important work that they do.

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Inspiration Swivel Chair

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Padded Inspiration Value Classroom Chair with Casters (18 INS-718CP

Padded Inspiration Value Classroom Chair with Casters (18"H)

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Inspiration Value Classroom Chair with Casters (18 INS-718C

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Deluxe Posture Chair w/ Adjustable Arms BOC-316

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The Maze Office Chair MZE-3000

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Teacher Chair OSS-400

Teacher Chair

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Prima Swivel Task Office Chair PRI-2000

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The Racer Office Chair RCR-4087

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Padded Inspiration Classroom Chair (18 INS-618P

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Inspiration XL Swivel Chair INS-658XL

Inspiration XL Swivel Chair

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Inspiration Value Padded Classroom Chair (18 INS-718PD

Inspiration Value Padded Classroom Chair (18"H)

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Certified Green
Ergonomic school furniture will change the way your students learn. When children are positioned properly throughout the day, they are able to focus longer, learn better and go home without worrying about aches and pains. Starting off young with ergonomic classroom furniture will help students develop important motor skills in the proper way.

Hertz Furniture understands that a healthy learning environment starts with ergonomic chairs and desks so students can stop squirming and focus on their learning. Ergonomic school chairs have become increasingly popular, but they are only one component in a formula for creating a proper work space. Training tables and school desks work in conjunction with chairs to ensure that hands and wrists are positioned properly for writing or typing.

A 21st century school has to have technology in the classroom, and that often means bringing in computers. Children are learning to utilize digital resources from a very young age, and it is important to make sure that they start off typing with correct positioning. If proper habits are developed from the beginning, maintaining them will be a natural, effortless process.

The benefits of starting young with ergonomic furniture aren't limited to creating the right habits. Some of the most common muscle and joint conditions adults suffer from are developed over years of improper posture and positioning. The earlier students learn the correct ways to sit and work, the less likely they will be to develop pain later.

Many professionals spend countless hours every week seated at desks. Ergonomic office furniture is key for helping everyone from computer programmers to lawyers to accountants maximize productivity and look forward to work every day. One thing to think about when choosing ergonomic desks or office chairs is that different people need different designs and configurations. Ergonomics is all about making sure that every individual can create their perfect fit with the right positioning. There is no single solution that will fit every person. Investing in the right furniture will pay off in the long run because it will reduce workplace injuries, causing less missed days of productivity.

There are certain arrangements that need to be made to enable one who is seated at an office desk to work in the proper position. Things that are often needed throughout the day should be placed within reach so people don't have to stretch or twist into unnatural positions to retrieve them. Knee clearance is necessary to enable feet to rest flat on the floor. The computer monitor should be at eye-level to eliminate eye strain, and a keyboard tray should rest under the worksurface so wrists are flat while typing.

Start creating your ergonomic classroom today with this wonderful collection of vibrant and supportive school furniture. The Inspiration classroom chair features a double-curved back with flex action so students can lean back in a natural posture. Integrated lumbar support fits the natural curve of the back. Inspiration combo desks have work surfaces with a curved inner edge so students can sit properly without having to stretch in order to access necessary supplies. With a selection of heights to choose from, children of all ages can sit with their feet resting flat on the floor and backs in the ideal position. Hertz Furniture has ergonomic school desks in a variety of shapes so you can create a flexible classroom that is furnished for proper positioning as well.

Computer tables with recessed monitors can help create an ergonomic office or school. With the computer screen positioned at a natural viewing angle, everyone can work more comfortably. NOVA computer tables put the monitor at an ergonomically-beneficial 35-degree angle, which is the position in which one naturally holds a book. Whether you are furnishing a school computer lab or corporate training room, ergonomic computer tables should be on the top of your list.

Anyone who works at a desk needs an appropriate ergonomic office chair. This is the piece of furniture that must endure the most wear and tear and has the most dramatic impact on how the body is positioned during the workday. Hertz Furniture has huge selection of ergonomic chairs to fit a variety of budgets and styles. With appropriate adjustable features, they will help school principals, secretaries and students stay on task and get the job done right.

A school is only as good as its furniture. If students and teachers aren't comfortable, conducting classes becomes way more challenging than it needs to be. Ergonomic tables and appropriate classroom chairs will keep all members of your school community happy. Designing an ergonomic classroom takes planning. If you need help figuring out which school furniture will best support your students, contact the experts at the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.