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Cell Phone Lockers by United Visual

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Cell Phone Lockers by United Visual

If you are tired of people using their phones when they are supposed to be working, Cell Phone Lockers by United Visual are just what you need. Individually-locking compartments provide secure storage, so you can eliminate the distraction while ensuring that valuables are protected and available when needed.

Cell phone storage lockers are a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel lockers. Their space-saving design is perfect for schools and businesses. Quiet closing is ideal for training rooms, classrooms and meeting spaces. Help increase focus throughout the day while providing secure, organized storage with these sturdy cell phone lockers.


  • Space Saver: Compact lockers are still large enough to store cell phones, keys and wallets.
  • Durable Doors: Tough ABS plastic doors have high heat and impact resistance.
  • Secure Storage: Locking doors ensure that valuables are secured.
  • No Distraction: Quiet closing is advantageous in a classroom or business environment.
  • Easy to Mount: Easy mounting and installation let you put lockers to use as quickly as possible.
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