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Wardrobe Storage Cabinets
Wardrobe Storage Cabinets
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What kind of storage closet fits coats? A wardrobe storage cabinet is the best place to put jackets and outerwear. If you need some space to hang things in an office or classroom, this is a great choice. With Hertz Furniture’s selection of sizes and styles, you can find many great options to fit your budget, space and needs.

Wardrobe storage cabinets can store all kinds of things in addition to coats. Many people like to use them for cleaning supplies, office supplies and other types of clothing as well. They can be coordinated with office or classroom furniture so you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics to get the storage that you need.

What is the best configuration for a wardrobe closet?

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing a wardrobe storage cabinet. The best configuration for you ultimately depends on what you want to store and how much. The most obvious option is to look for maximum hanging space because wardrobes are usually used to hang clothes. However, in an office or classroom setting you might be looking for something different if you require storage for a number of different purposes.

Even a wardrobe storage cabinet which has the main purpose of coat storage during the day can still be used for extra general storage. Many models with a full hanging rod across the width of the cabinet also have a shelf above, while leaving plenty of room below to hang coats. While the obvious use for the shelf can be for coats, hats and personal items, there is no reason it can’t be used for extra printer paper or classroom games.

What kind of closet can fit coats and office supplies?

If you are looking for multipurpose storage which includes hanging space for coats, wardrobe cabinets should be your first choice. You can get models which offer a hanging rod across half their width with great shelving on the other side. There are also configurations which are mostly shelving but include some space to hang coats. This is probably a good option for a personal office or even a classroom where a teacher might need a place for their jacket, but more general storage is required as well.

How small can a coat closet be?

Wardrobe closets come in all sorts of sizes, including some surprisingly compact models. You don’t need to compromise on having an appropriate space to hang coats just because you have a smaller office or classroom. Ultimately, it is ideal to get the biggest possible closet for the space you have in order to maximize storage. Adjustable shelves allow you to fit exactly what you need, with the flexibility to reconfigure as your needs change.

What styles do wardrobe closets come in?

There are many types of wardrobe storage cabinets. The best choice depends on where you want to put yours. We have models that coordinate perfectly with some of our office furniture collections. This is the best choice for an executive suite or school principal’s office. There are also options made of wood or steel that can work well in a classroom or reception area. Most options include adjustable shelves and either built-in locks or a hasp that can accommodate a lock if you want one.

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