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Science Lab Workstations
Science Lab Workstations
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Students can experiment safely and explore the wonders of the world around them with functional science lab workstations from Hertz Furniture. Why are workstations good for a school science lab? Unlike regular lab tables, laboratory workstations include gas and water fixtures that enable students to set up their experiments right where they are sitting.

Laboratory workstations come in a selection of configurations. Features like chemical-resistant surfaces, strict adherence to flammability codes and low-maintenance materials make them highly safe. With our great selection, your science department will get an "A" for professionalism.

What is the best layout for lab workstations?

Depending on the arrangement of your space, the size of your classes, and your school science lab design goals, you can choose from a selection of two- and four-student science lab workstations. Both of these setups are conducive to working with lab partners. The four-student arrangement provides the additional possibility of working in a larger group of four when supplies are limited or the experiment requires more students to work together. Two-student models are forward facing, which is conducive to frontal instruction and demonstrations as well as independent experimentation. The four-student option comes in a number of arrangements including forward-facing and octagonal.

The configuration of laboratory workstations varies as well. Freestanding islands can fit anywhere in the classroom. They are a great option if you have a large open space because they make it easy for students to observe their own experiments from all angles. A great view can help students gain a deeper appreciation and greater interest in STEM Education. Perimeter workstations utilize wall space so the middle of the room is more open. To fit the maximum amount of workstations in your science lab, you may choose a combination of freestanding and perimeter units.

How do I know which material to get for the work surfaces in my school science lab?

A critical feature of any lab workstation in a science lab is the work surface material. While blended learning is on the rise, having a space in the science lab for hands-on experiments is still very important. Because experiments involving chemicals and heat are constantly being conducted, it is essential that the surface and sink material will not become easily damaged by extreme conditions. Heat- and chemical-resistant tops come in varying degrees of strength, so it is important to pay close attention to which materials are available when choosing lab stations for your science lab.

What kind of lab storage do you need in a school science lab?

Built-in storage is a great extra feature to have in your science lab workstations. Each of the science lab stations can be kept fully-stocked to ensure that every pair of lab partners can find what they need for experiments. Storage comes in a number of different styles including book boxes, drawers and cabinets. Cabinets are good for larger items such as microscopes, while drawers are helpful for organizing smaller accessories such as pipettes and tweezers.

Where should I do experiment demonstrations in a school science lab?

There are many extra pieces of lab furniture that can greatly enhance the experience of both teachers and students. Mobile lab carts can be moved around the room to ensure that all students have a good view, no matter where they are sitting or standing. They enable instructors to model correct experimentation methods while providing instructions or explanations using the attached whiteboard.

Mobile fume hoods offer an additional option for experiment demonstration. They enable students to observe physical changes while remaining protected from fumes and chemicals. They can be transported around the room to ensure that everyone gets a good view, or moved between different science labs as needed.

Hertz Furniture's selection of functional and safe lab furniture includes everything you need to furnish any student science lab. Our lab equipment comes from companies that specialize in school laboratory furniture including Diversified Woodcrafts and Stevens Industries. Planning out the arrangement for a science lab can be quite tricky and complicated. The Hertz project Solutions team is here to help you determine the optimal configuration for your space. Contact us today for free design and project-planning assistance.

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