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What will enhance a courtyard? Live flowers growing in attractive outdoor planters will add a lot to any courtyard. When you have flowers or plants at the entrance to your office, you add color, fragrance and style to your surroundings. No matter the size of your office, colleagues and visitors will appreciate the atmosphere created by strategically-placed planter boxes.

You can use garden planters to turn any part of your outdoor area into an attractive space. They can hide blemishes and make your whole office that much more attractive. Made from natural wood, our planters make your office design come alive.

How can I liven up my office courtyard?

Don't underestimate the impact a bit of greenery can have on a work or learning environment. Some bright and colorful plants can really liven up a space, making it much more relaxing and inviting. Plants tend to have a calming influence on people, so they can also help diffuse stress and tension. Students and professionals can spend long periods of time inside without having a chance to get any fresh air during the day. Some planter boxes right outside the building can provide a bright welcome whenever people have a chance to get outside.

Can I put a wooden planter outside?

Our wooden planter boxes aren't just made from natural materials, they are made for nature. That means they can stay outside through all kinds of weather while still maintaining an attractive appearance. They are incredibly resistant to insects, rot, marring and warping, so you can feel comfortable using them indoors or outside.

It doesn't take much research to see that planters are definitely worth the investment. As soon as you decide that you want one, you can start thinking about where it should go and what you want to grow in it. Optional anchor brackets will ensure that if you choose an outdoor planter, it can't be moved around or tampered with. Different sizes are available to accommodate a variety of spaces. Once a size has been chosen, it's time to decide which plants can go together and how much space each one needs for each kind of plant.

How can planters help us be more eco friendly?

Having plants outside sends a message to everyone that it's not hard to be green at school or in the office. Plants offer natural air purification and add color to your space. While having proper recycling bins and garbage disposal is one step toward creating an eco-friendly environment, adding some flowers and trees will give you a truly green space. Rather than wasting lots of plastic flower pots, you can use a wood planter box over and over as the seasons change.

Planter boxes aren't just there to look nice, they can also be quite useful. Schools that like to take a hands-on approach to education can use plants while studying subjects such as biology and chemistry. Students can learn important lessons about responsibility and diligence by taking care of their very own flowers and herbs in a flower box on a long-term basis.

How can I get affordable landscaping for my school or office courtyard?

Looking for a way to repurpose an area or add something to that sea of concrete? Landscaping can be pretty expensive. However, by adding a few wood planters, you can totally transform the look of a paved courtyard or building entrance. Planters look great on the sides of outdoor steps leading up to a building, and create positive feelings as people walk in at any time of day.

Whether you want to create a relaxing roof garden for an office or school, or add some cheer to the waiting room, planter boxes filled with greenery will give your space a whole new look. Don't underestimate the impact that natural beauty can have on a person's day. Get some planters today to start experiencing the amazing change as soon as possible.

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