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Outdoor Trash Cans
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Where can you get outdoor trash cans? Hertz Furniture's great selection of models includes outdoor garbage cans that will look great in your courtyard or picnic area. Whatever you choose, make sure that the style and size are suited for your space.

Our garbage cans are both functional and attractive. They will withstand any kind of weather for many years of waste disposal. Choose from metal and wood commercial trash cans to find the models that are the best fit for you. With an accessible place for waste, people can easily clean up after themselves, maintaining the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Nobody likes to see waste lying around on the ground, but when people don't have a clear place to put their garbage, that is often what happens. When candy wrappers and tissues are left scattered around a picnic or playground area, the whole space looks messy. Having an appropriate place to dispose of waste close by encourages kids to be green at school, so you are not left with a messy space and you don't have to give an additional task to your busy maintenance or cleaning staff.

Why do I need garbage cans outside?

When you provide outdoor trash cans, you demonstrate the value of being clean and eco-friendly, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your building and its surroundings. Most people are happy to throw away their own garbage, but they won't want to carry it around, searching for an appropriate place to dispose of it, especially if they are cleaning up messy items. With the appropriate commercial trash cans within easy reach, your outdoor areas are more likely to stay clean for longer periods of time.

What is the best place for trash cans outside?

The optimal locations for outdoor garbage cans are near the spaces where people are most likely to be eating. It is important to place them in a space that is close enough to be reached easily, and prominent enough to be noticed, but far enough away that unpleasant smells won't bother them. The ideal placement will probably be a few feet away from areas where people are sitting, out of the way of any play equipment or footpaths.

To encourage an eco-friendly approach to waste disposal, it is a great idea to put recycling bins right next to trash cans. This way, people won't have to go out of their way to dispose of materials in an environmentally-friendly fashion. In the educational environment, the presence of proper waste disposal will demonstrate your institution's concern for our planet, and will help keep kids committed to the environment.

What kinds of waste receptacles do you have?

Hertz Furniture has a variety of outdoor garbage cans in metal and wood styles. UltraPlay trash cans are built to withstand the elements for a sleek appearance that lasts many years. Perforation provides airflow that will diffuse smells and prevent rust and other buildup. These garbage cans will fit in well by the side of a school playground or outdoor lunch area.

Wooden garbage cans from Oxford Garden have a classic appeal that will blend in with natural surroundings. They will fit in well in the entrance or courtyard of office buildings and other professional environments. They are constructed from super durable Shorea Wood for a natural appearance that will not disrupt the harmony of a space.

Hertz Furniture cares about the environment and the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor areas. Our commercial trash cans are designed to encourage proper waste disposal while maintaining an attractive appearance around your building. If you need help deciding how many units you need in a given area, or what the ideal hue is for the playground, contact the Hertz Project Solutions team for free project-planning advice.

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