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Bulletin & Cork Boards
Bulletin & Cork Boards
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Bulletin boards provide the perfect place to display vital information. Just mount one to the wall in a high-traffic area, and you have a natural place to get the word out quickly and efficiently. What kind of cork board is good for an office? That all depends on how your space is arranged.

Hertz Furniture has a wide selection of bulletin boards in a variety of sizes and surface materials. They are meant to withstand daily use with no deterioration for many years. Whether you want to display the lunch menu, announcements, sign-up sheets, official forms or just about anything else, cork boards offer an excellent space.

Why are bulletin boards often made out of cork?

The classic bulletin board design has a cork surface with a metal or wood frame. Cork is the ideal surface material because pins can be easily pushed into it. It also possesses a “self-healing” quality, closing up holes automatically when tacks are removed. This is what keeps a cork board looking and functioning like new for many years.

How can I make my bulletin board look nicer?

While the typical cork tackboard surface is great, you might want something that looks a bit more refined and professional. One solution is to cover your bulletin boards with colored poster paper. This is an option that is often used to enhance classroom colors and decor because poster paper can easily be replaced when it's time for a new theme or season. Although paper is helpful, it cannot be used for a long time because it may rip and holes will remain after pins are removed. For this reason, it might not be the best option for a professional environment.

If you want a more sleek appearance without having to constantly replace a paper covering, vinyl-covered bulletin boards are a great option. Vinyl is stain-resistant and waterproof and can be washed off with the use of a mild detergent. Vinyl is available in a number of colors and will maintain its original appearance for many years.

Another colorful option is the fabric cork board from Interior Innovations. This brightly-colored board comes in a huge selection of vibrant fabric and frame colors. It is designed to be used with regular tacks and pins and has the same “self-healing” advantage as cork. A colorful tack board will draw attention to whatever is displayed on it and can help brighten up classrooms and hallways.

How can I make my bulletin board safe?

Worried about pins and tacks falling on the floor and causing potential danger? You can have the same great hanging space without needing pins with the self-adhesive corkboard from United Visual. Papers will simply stick to the fabric surface without any pins, staples or tacks. Rather than having to rummage around for something to hang up announcements with, you can simply bring papers straight from the printer and stick them onto the classroom bulletin board.

What kind of tack board should I get for the conference room?

Bulletin boards can be quite useful in professional settings. Our sleek conference cabinets from OSC have attractive wood veneer exteriors which open up to cork boards and a white board inside. This is a great arrangement for a conference room or meeting space. You might also want to consider a conference cabinet for executive offices.

If you need both a pinboard and a whiteboard, but aren't sure which one should get more prominent placement, you don't have to choose. Ghent has both in one convenient model. With a tack board outside and whiteboard inside you can hang important announcements in a highly-visual space without taking up room on your whiteboard. With this arrangement you get the best of both worlds as your bulletin board and marker board share prime placement.

Of course, there are always the classic school bulletin boards. Tack board placement should definitely be a consideration when making decisions about hallway and classroom layout. Bulletin boards can really brighten up a school, making it a positive and inviting atmosphere. With all of the time and effort that teachers put into making sure that their classrooms are decorated properly, it is fitting that the bulletin boards get prime placement.

Hertz Furniture's wide selection of bulletin boards has many options that will be great for your school or office. Cork boards will always come in handy whether in the hallway, classroom, cafeteria or staff lounge. For help finding the best choice for your space, contact the Hertz Project Solutions team for free design and project-planning advice.

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