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Returning to School
COVID-19 Guidance

Recommended Guidance

Here are some common guidelines we've compiled based on what's been published by the CDC and other authorities.

We've included links to related products and layouts which can help you get ready for reopening.

Let us know how we can help you get ready.

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Face Cover
Face Cover
Faculty, staff, and students should wear face coverings. Require them for students when distancing can't be maintained.
Social Distancing
Social Distancing
Seat students 6' apart. When not possible, use sneeze guards or physical barriers between desks.
Multi-student Desks
Multi-student Desks
Replace multi-student desks with individual desks or chair desks if possible, or use sneeze guards or barriers.
Use signs and messages to encourage behaviors that reduce virus spread.
Place hand sanitizing stations in each classroom, at school entrances & exits, and near lunchrooms & toilets.
Food Service
Food Service
Stagger meal times and have students eat outside or in their classrooms.
Alternate Spaces
Alt Spaces
Utilize partitions in auditoriums, cafeterias, and gyms to serve as classrooms to allow for social distancing.
Teach and reinforce handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Consider the use of standalone, portable sinks.
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