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Office Hutches
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Office Hutches enable you to have maximum storage near your work area but keep supplies out of sight so your office looks organized. How can you get overhead storage above a desk? Desk hutches fit right above a desk or credenza, adding both style and convenience to a work space. Hertz Furniture has a collection of desk hutches that fit perfectly with a wide selection of office desks.

An office hutch can be simple or elegant, depending on your style preferences. Many have a wide, open work area with the storage space placed above it. Hertz Furniture’s desk hutches are designed to give you great office storage in an attractive professional design.

How do you choose a desk hutch?

We have office hutches that will fit any style and budget. They come in a selection of materials including wood, wood veneer, laminate and steel. The one you choose will depend on the desk you want it to sit above. You can either match your hutch to a desk that you already have or order one of our attractive office desks with a matching hutch.

What kinds of storage can I get in an office hutch?

Many desks with hutches have cabinets with doors. Doors come in a number of styles, each of which has its benefits. Opaque wooden or wood veneer doors hide contents to maintain a clean appearance in an office. Frosted glass doors achieve the same effect as wood, but with an extra touch of style. Glass doors provide a touch of elegance, enabling you to display awards and other significant items.

When you coordinate your office desk hutch with an executive desk, you create a seamless high-class work space. We have many office desks that match perfectly with hutches, so both the color and style blend in. Many of our models come in a selection of finishes, so even if you don’t have the desk that is a perfect match you can still coordinate the tone of the finish.

How do I know what size office hutch to get?

No matter if you order a desk with hutch from one office furniture collection, or a desk and hutch from two different collections, you must make sure to pay attention to the configuration and size. Because a hutch generally sits on the surface of a desk or credenza, it is important to verify that it will fit in the space. Hutches come in different widths, and are sometimes even designed for desks of a particular shape.

Expand your storage space without interrupting the style or flow of your office with an office desk hutch. These convenient desk extensions utilize wall space above and behind desks to provide great storage. This is an excellent arrangement because it keeps items that are needed in an accessible place, and doesn’t take up precious floor space.

What options do I have when choosing an office desk hutch?

In addition to coming in different styles that are determined by finish, materials and detailing, desk hutches also come in a selection of configurations. While all are designed to be attractive storage solutions, the arrangement of the storage varies. Some have cabinets with doors while others feature open storage or bookshelves. Letter organizers and drawers are other helpful features that can be found on a number of models. Because most people need to store many different kinds of things, many hutches offer a combination of different storage features.

Storage spaces aren’t the only thing that make office desk hutches convenient. Some models come with extra features that can really make a difference in your office. Built-in task lights ensure that your work space is properly illuminated so you won’t have to strain your eyes. Wire-management grommets make it easy to route cables away from the work surface toward a power source.

We have models that include a tack board at the back of the open space above the desk and below the storage. This setup provides a convenient space to hang up reminders, pictures, important information and commonly-used phone numbers. With this arrangement, professionals can keep information in a clearly-visible space where it won’t get lost or forgotten, while maintaining an open work surface.

Hertz Furniture’s great selection of desk hutches offers you the style and storage you need to bring your office to the next level. Our models come from top manufacturers including High Point, Mayline, Global, Martin Furniture, HON, Inwood Office Furniture and more. In order to make sure that you choose a size and style that will fit your workspace, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning and design advice.

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