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Game rugs transform a simple carpeted area into an activity center. What kinds of games can you play on an activity rug? That depends on what design you choose. We have styles that can be used for board games, hopscotch, pretend play and much more. When you choose a style that facilitates educational fun, you get the double benefit of a carpet and a whole new classroom play area.

When it comes to choosing an activity rug, you should consider which design is most appropriate for the age of your students. Once you have settled on a design or style, you need to make sure that one of the available sizes will fit in the space you have available. With many different options in Hertz Furniture’s collection you can enjoy these cool classroom rugs in a variety of spaces.

Can I get a rug with a game board?

If you are tired of game boards getting lost, worn out and falling apart, game rugs are a great alternative. They are an excellent option for an activity corner in a community center or an elementary school classroom. With built-in game boards and multiple activities for marbles, bean bags and more, kids can find a new way to enjoy them every day. All you need to do is keep the accessories and game pieces in a bin nearby and kids can feel free to come and set up whichever activities they want on their own. We have activity rugs that include boards for tic tac toe, hopscotch, chinese checkers, regular checkers or chess and a beanbag toss. They encourage students to make their own fun and enjoy cooperative or competitive play in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

We also have games rugs which feature one larger activity rather than a number of games in one place. Our marble game play carpet lets your students use a small coin, marble or stone to aim for success. Each area of the rug has a different point value, allowing kids to work on their aim and fine motor skills while they try to get the highest score possible. This is a great recess or rainy day activity, and can even be used in conjunction with math classes focused on advanced addition.

How can you play hopscotch inside?

Our hopscotch rugs offer the perfect venue for playing inside. This is a great game to encourage kids to work on balance and also get them up and moving. While the game is classically played outside on the sidewalk, a hopscotch carpet gives you an attractive, cushioned play area which provides a softer landing. This way your students can still have active fun inside even when the weather does not allow them to go outside for recess and breaks. You can even set up a big game of hopscotch in a hallway during a break if you have a low-traffic area just for your class.

What classroom activities can you do with toy cars?

If you want to create a fun play area for toy cars, trains and other vehicles, a car play rug is just what you need. With fun road and town graphics, little ones can make up all sorts of play scenarios in which they drive around. Kids can even use blocks and other toys to build their own cities and towns around the roads. Play carpets encourage cooperative fun and coordination, allowing multiple children to enjoy the activity together. You can even base class activities around them by using them for vocabulary development or reading books connected to the theme.

Activity rugs will brighten up your classroom while offering a great play space for your students. With a great selection of sizes and designs, you are sure to find a number of great options that will engage your students and fit your space.

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