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Metal File Cabinets
Metal File Cabinets
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Keep all of your documents organized and secure with metal file cabinets from Hertz Furniture. Whether your institution needs to furnish a whole filing room, or you just need somewhere to keep your papers, we have great choices that will serve you well. We offer a variety of models from top manufacturers including HON, Sandusky Lee and Global.

How can you keep office documents organized? Durable steel file cabinets provide secure and accessible storage for an office, school or house of worship. Hertz Furniture has a large selection of both vertical and lateral filing options.

Should I get a lateral or vertical file cabinet?

File cabinets come in two basic configurations. Lateral file cabinets provide extra-wide drawers which accommodate side-to-side filing using hanging rails. The vertical option has a smaller footprint and narrower drawers. This is a good choice for those who are worried about cluttering up small spaces such as cubicles.

How many file drawers do I need?

Another factor to consider in terms of capacity is how many drawers are required. We offer a number of configurations including 4-drawer, 3-drawer and 2-drawer file cabinets. You may choose to order less cabinets with more drawers or more cabinets with less drawers. It also depends what you need to organize. You may find that separate compartments are helpful for dividing things up in a more logical or specific manner. Metal filing cabinets are made to accommodate letter or legal files, and sometimes both.

When you are storing all of your documents in an open space, or even a personal office, having locked storage is very important. Whether you are filing papers in a school secretary's office or separate file room, you want to make sure that all information is protected. This way, you won't have to worry if you step out for a few moments. Locking file cabinets secure your documents, while keeping them accessible when you need them through keyed access. Most metal file cabinets include a single lock for all of the drawers together.

What are the toughest metal file cabinets?

Prying eyes aren't the only thing you need to protect your documents from. In the unlikely event of a fire, impact resistant cabinets will keep your most important papers safe. If you are storing irreplaceable, rare or valuable papers, fireproof file cabinets are a worthwhile investment. Hertz Furniture offers many configurations of these super sturdy units from Sentry Safe.

Because metal file cabinets store so much heavy paper, precautions must be taken to ensure that they will not tip over when drawers are open. A tipping cabinet is not only dangerous, it is also a huge inconvenience. We know you don't have the time to constantly arrange and re-organize papers that fall out and make a mess. An interlock system which prevents more than one drawer from being open at a time eliminates the risk of tipping. This protects documents, people and furniture.

What are the best kind of file drawer handles?

Perhaps the biggest distinguishing factor among all of the metal filing cabinet options is the style of drawer pulls, or the way in which the drawers are opened. Recessed drawer pulls which are integrated into the drawer are easy to use and won't fall off or get pulled off with repeated use. Pull handles with thumb latches are also great because they prevent drawers from accidentally sliding open, even when the cabinet is unlocked.

Need a good space to organize your papers but don't quite have enough for a full-fledged file cabinet? We offer combination storage closets which include file drawers. This way, you can store office supplies and small electronics in the same place as papers and other information. Bookcase and file drawer combinations offer a great way to store your literature right next to related documents. We also offer a combination of drawers and slide out shelves which are perfect for binders.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is to have an organized office with a secure place to store official documents and important papers. That's why we offer high-quality HON file cabinets as well as models from Sandusky Lee and Global, just to name a few. With such a great selection of excellent options, you can work with peace of mind, knowing that confidential information remains secure.

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