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Lab Cabinets
Lab Cabinets
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Not all lab cabinets are alike. Our collection includes many styles. How should you store lab equipment? Choose between mobile and built-in units for secure lockable storage that protects your materials and your students.

Our laboratory cabinets are designed to last through many years of heavy daily use. Lab cabinets with work surfaces are designed for the safe handling of chemicals, flammable liquids, and other materials. The laboratory furniture in our collection offers the durability, safety, and convenience you need.

Should I get wood or glass lab cabinets?

Freestanding cabinets provide lots of storage space for lab equipment large and small. Glass doors enable easy viewing of contents so they don't need to be opened unnecessarily. Glass laboratory cabinets are built with tempered glass for maximum safety. In the unlikely event that it cracks, tempered glass breaks evenly into pebbles rather than shards to prevent potential harm to students. Glass door lab storage is available in one- and two-door models.

Our chemical storage cabinets are also available with a full opaque wooden door option. This choice is optimal for the more budget-conscious school, offering the same secure storage at a significantly lower price. Most of our cabinets also feature adjustable shelves.

What kind of surface should I have on top of base cabinets?

Not every surface is safe for use in a lab, that's why it's important to make sure that you order lab cabinets that are specially-designed for use with chemicals. Base cabinets from Diversified Woodcrafts offer the double convenience of great lab storage and a chemical-resistant work surface. They can be ganged together for a wall of cabinets.

Base cabinets come with doors, drawers or a combination of the two. Doors with shelving work well with larger supplies, while drawers are better for small lab equipment such as test tubes, pipettes and petri dishes. If you need both types of storage, order a lab cabinet that has both, or purchase multiple units with different configurations.

Looking to save space on your floor plan? Need additional storage? Wall cabinets leave your floor space open while providing secure storage for your experiment supplies. They are available with solid oak or glass doors. Shatter-resistant safety glass facilitates easy content viewing.

How can I secure flammable liquids in the science lab?

Flammable liquid storage cabinets from Edsal are a must-have for any lab that has flammable liquids, especially one with students. Leak-proof doors ensure that nothing will spill out. These brightly-colored cabinets have a highly-visible warning on the outside so everyone is aware of their contents and makes sure to handle them safely.

How can I store petri dishes and small lab supplies?

Tote tray storage cabinets offer a great way to stay organized. Their high capacity enables you to keep small supplies and experiments organized. You may even consider giving a personal tray to each student. If small experiments are left out on the counters they may become contaminated or damaged. Tote trays will keep petri dishes organized so it is easier to keep track of results and you don't have to worry about accidental spills or damages.

What is a safe way to move around lab supplies?

For a movable option, try mobile storage cabinets. These convenient units can be rolled onto location as needed and locked in place. Locking casters enable chemical-resistant tops to be used as an extra work surface. Mobile cabinets are available with either regular cabinet doors or sliding doors.

Specialized portable storage is available as well. Our microscope cabinets hold up to 24 microscopes. They feature secure shelving that will keep expensive equipment safe from damage. For extra convenience, we also have a cabinet that holds 16 cordless microscopes and includes a built-in charging station.

Hertz Furniture has everything you need to keep a student science lab organized and create the perfect layout for learning. Our selection of lab cabinets and storage solutions includes many excellent choices. Unsure about how to choose the right laboratory furniture? The experts on the Hertz Project Solutions team are ready to help you find the best solution for your space.

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